Visit the charming town of Auxerre.


Hello there !

There’s a lot you can visit near to Paris and the charming town of Auxerre is on the list. Luckily I got to visit this little town during the summer during a week-end.

Therefore I can tell you this, this town is totally charming, easy to walk in and perfect to shot some nice photography.

First you need to know that in 1995 Auxerre was named “Town of Art and History”. With this you can already guess that the city architecture and history is really interesting.

The scenery of the town is totally charming, if you get on one of the bridge you can catch a good sight of the Cathedral dominating above the city. It’s also really pleasant to just stroll around the river. I guarantee you it’s really lovely !


The bridge you can spot in the photography above is definitely the best spot to get a nice shot of the city in my opinion !


Also pretty cool to take some photography on the bridge ! Ft my pretty backpack from Grafea (you can read about it here)

Now, about the town itself, obviously it’s fairly small. As you walk around the town you can tell the streets are fairly ancient for some judging by their organisation and the design of the buildings.



One of the main spot of Auxerre besides the Cathedral and the Abbey is the Clock Tower.

The Clock Tower is located in the heart of the town, it fit so well with the town architecture. It’s stunning.


As you may have noticed in this street you can find plenty of various shops if you’re looking for souvenirs, traditional products or even Yankee Candles ! ( But eek they smelled rather unnatural)
Seriously, Auxerre is totally charming, I absolutely love those kind of houses.


Auxerre Cathedral was built between 1215-1233 in a Gothic style.



The diocese was my favourite part of the visit! It’s so pretty with the stained glass panels lightening over the nave !



If you happen to visit Auxerre some day you should drop by Olivier Vidal chocolates shops. You can find some delicious cakes and chocolates that makes perfect souvenirs or yummy treats for yourself !

The area around Auxerre has some more point of interests, but unfortunately unless Auxerre which is easy to access by train and walk around, if you don’t have a car they’re pretty hard to access.

Boutissaint Park 

Boutissaint is a huge park where you can find several animals such as deers wandering around or some others in restricted area. And if you’re unlucky  as us enough you might come across a baby boar and get the fright of your life.
You can also rent bikes to visit the park.


This aside it’s really amazing to see deers so close ! Almost as much as in Nara in Japan .

Sans titre 1.jpg
Blue friends !

St Fargeau Castle 

The castle displays every now and then a night visit where you are split in several groups and costumed people explain you everything about the castle and the visit ends on an horses show. Obviously you can also visit it during the day but the night visit is pretty cool.


Wine cave : Baily Lapierre.

We didn’t actually get to visit this one, because they were no more guide and well honestly none of us were really keen onto doing the visit but it’s apparently intesting if you like wines !

If you are looking to visit more of France you should definitely give Auxerre a chance !
And if you’ve already been there let me know about it in the comment 🙂

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  1. Good to know about a day trip option from Paris! The place looks lovely 🙂

  2. To be honest, I didn’t even know that this town exists but it sounds lovely and the pictures look beautiful. Great post!

  3. What a totally charming city! Its nice to find cities outside of Paris to visit. How far is it from Paris and how did you get there?

  4. Auxerre looks so beautiful – especially all the half timbered houses! And the night visit to St Fargeau Castle sounds like my JAM

  5. I absolutely ADORE small towns outside of the big touristy capitals! If I go to France, I’m definitely making a stop here. The architecture looks lovely and you have some great photos! Thank you!

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