How To Spend A Day Trip In Bruges

Is a day trip to Bruges from Paris a good idea? The short answer is yes! 

And here is why!

If you already didn’t know I live in Paris (curious about me? Check this) and a few days ago a friend and I were wondering where to go on a day trip after a little brainstorming and wanting to hit the night bus to Amsterdam we decided to check out Bruges. So, no overnight bus, which is excellent, it’s nice to travel by bus it’s a back killer, so it’d be just a day trip Bruges from Paris.

Besides, it was cheaper, we wanted our way round to be under 50€, and we got tickets to Bruges for 25€. The only thing is that we only had 6h30 in Bruges. We weren’t quite sure it was worth it, but hey, you only live once.

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