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Hello, I am Lyne (well, Céline actually but it’s a secret shh) a twenty-something French languages student. This means I can ask you in 4 differents languages «Where is the bathroom ?» I think that needed to highlighted.

Overall you can say I am a part time Parisian ( a non snobby one please ) as I spend most of my time between my home, in Paris, and exploring rest of the world (well so far Europe and Japan mostly, but hey one step at a time). I am this kind of traveller that is always torn between going back to one place and explore more because it was really exciting and the need of exploring new places.

You probably already guessed it by now, but, believe it or not I love to travel ! Obviously that’s not my only point of interest I also like movies, napping and food just to say a few. Oh and dying my hair, so, if in one post I’m purple and the next one blonde, that’s normal.


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My blog is pretty much my log book between my travels and my lifestyle. In other words I blog about my stories with some facts.

However you won’t only find stories, you can also find my photo collections (amateur),  guide of cities I feel that I have a decent knowledge about or bucket list  with tips, my thoughts and recommendations of places I visited – alone , with friend or my family ! That’s pretty much the full package, right ?

Although I am not always on the go – because not everyone can be – when I am not travelling I am home, either planing my next adventure or just doing bits and bobs to improve my life, hence the lifestyle corner of this blog.

Also as I said above I am French, I absolutely adore my country therefore you can expect a lots of different posts on Paris ( where I live) and the rest of France. I’m basically taking you in to explore the wonders of France with me, because, you know anything good need to be share.

If you’re curious to know where I’ve been you can just click here.


I either use my iPhone 6, or Canon DLSR. Sometimes I also borrow my friend’s Sony Alpha.


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  1. Ezra Hilyer
    15/05/2017 / 21:26

    I like your Blog, your impulsive traveling is an inspiration. Don’t feel bad about a blog that is in a mess, a messy blog means an interesting person. An ordered and perfect blog doesn’t seem like something that an adventurer would have. Mine is a mess most of the time too. 🙂

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