London to Paris Bus, Train or Plane ?!

London to Paris Bus, Train or Plane


One of the thing which is really nice nowadays when you travel is all the choices of transportation you have. Especially when you’re travelling from London to Paris or vice versa.

London to Paris Bus, train or plane ? Which one should you choose for your journey ?

I used all three of them during the past, they all comes with their pros and cons, so at the end there’s no perfect choice, you need to decide which fit your budget/times etc the best.

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Day trip to Bath from Bristol | UK

day trip to bath

As you may already know if you checked one of my last blog post ( -> 25 Places To Visit Before 25) it was my 24th birthday last saturday. For the occasion I went on a day trip to Bath with one of my classmate !
So now, I already been to Bath back in May (read here) and to be honest this city is my absolute crush of the year.

Last time I didn’t get the chance to visit the roman bath, but this time I did it !

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4 Monthly Challenges To Save Money | Lifetstyle Tips

4 monthly challenges to save money

4 Monthly Challenges To Save Money
When it comes to money it can somewhat challenging to start to save up. Especially in our current society where everything push you to buy anything and everything on a daily basis. Despite this you might need to save money for a lot reasons; pay back a student loan, plan a trip, a wedding, simply to have some money on the side…! It could be anything.
In order to make this less of a boring task to achieve, here are 4 monthly challenges to save money !

You will see that you don’t have to totally restrict your budget by cutting out every single little thing you enjoy, you need to think about it in a smart way and see what’s right for you and your goals.

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25 Places to Visit Before 25 | Bucket List

25 places to visit before 25

25 places to visit before 25…or not. Honestly I don’t think you have to do before a certain age, or just be a certain age to do things, age is just a number after.
Although I think it could be a fun and light post to write about 25 places to visit before 25 because it actually is my 24th birthday today ! And obviously, money wise it could be a little tricky even with good budgeting ahah.
Here is my list of 25 Places to visit before 25, some I already visited (check my travel list !) and some I really want to visit hopefully in the next year !

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Corfu Old Fortress | Corfu Town, Greece

Corfu Old Fortress is located in Kérkyra –also known as Corfu Town- it is the main town of the island of Corfu in Greece.  There’s two fortress within the city, the new one and the old one. Both are historical point of interests of the city.

During my stay on the island I was able to visit Corfu Old Fortress.

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Postcard from Corfu | Greece



10 days ago as I was talking with a friend of mine that I wanted to leave the grey weather of Paris and go somewhere else. A few exchange along the words “if you find anything I will go with you” and voila.

That’s how we find ourselves 4 days later, first passing through Brussels we ended up to visit Corfu, Greece for 3  full days.

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Discover Honfleur | France


For the first week end of July my friends and I went to Honfleur, in the North of France in Normandy. You probably never heard of it because neither have I before it was brought up to me to be honest. The initial plan was to go do Deauville -which I’d say is more famous at least if you’re French or familiar with our locations- BUT Deauville was more expensive. So as broke students we opted for the cheaper yet still nice option.

And honestly Honfleur was much more pleasant than  I expected it to be, so let me walk you through my 48 hours in Honfleur !

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