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Day trip to Bath

Bath is a quaint city in the South West of England and a UNESCO world heritage, a cultural town filled with fantastic cultural activities, walking tours and things to do the time of a day trip or for a weekend.

It was my birthday this very Saturday, so, for the occasion, I went on a day trip to Bath with one of my classmate!
Now, I have already been to Bath back in May and to be honest, this city is my absolute crush of the year if not total crush ever actually.

Last time I didn’t get the chance to visit the Roman Bath, and I said I would come back to do so and I did! I thought I’d walk you by and list for you all the things you can do in one day in Bath for those who wonder what to do in Bath in one day.

What To Do In Bath In One Day: Bath Day Trip Itinerary

What To Do In Bath In One Day 

The Roman Bath

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Roman Bath

Fees: General £15 | Student £13,75

You can book tickets in advance either on The Roman Bath official website or TripAdvisor!

It takes around 1h30/2h to visit The Roman Bath thoroughly, the visit itself wouldn’t be that long if it weren’t for the audio guide. Which provide every piece of information about each room (purpose, architecture, history…) and object displayed, it’s fascinating, to be honest. The audio guide is also free and available in several languages.

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Roman Bath

It’s worth to visit if you’re in town for a day (or even more!) also though the queue might be a little off-putting at first, especially if you’re short on time, make sure to visit early to avoid the queue!
Side note: At the end of the visit you can taste the water from the Roman bath which is said to cure you of all kind of diseases – but, it’s lukewarm, and it tastes horrible. You’ve been warned.

Bath Abbey

Located right next to the Roman Bath,  the gorgeous Gothic-style Abbey of Bath which was built from 675 (foundation) to 1530. You can visit the inside of the Abbey to go at the top, which gives you a bird-view over this charming city.

On one side of the Abbey, you can spot the Temperance fountain, which would encourage people to drink water instead of alcohol in the past.
Several kinds of street artists are often around the Abbey performing and entertaining people. You can also pa a ticket to climb up the 212 stairs of the abbey and have a look over the city!

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Bath Abbey

Queen Square

Georgian houses surround Queen Square. Also in the middle of the square, you can find an obelisk to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales.
Unfortunately, I didn’t go there this time because I forgot about it – oops! But it must be pretty with the autumn leaves on the Georgian houses!

You can see it in my other Bath Blog Post.

Royal Crescent

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is composed of 30 residential houses with a vast patch of grass designed by John Wood le Jeune during the 17th century. This is a landmark of Bath and a must-see when you visit Bath.

Royal Victoria Park

The Royal Victoria Park is a few minutes away from the Royal Crescent so visiting it right after you saw the Royal Crescent is only fair. The park is quite big, with a lake (although it was more like a pond to me, well it was written as a lake so anyway).

There’s a lot of adorable grey squirrels everywhere, but sadly they were way too fast for me to have time to focus correctly. It’s a beautiful place to visit with kids (feeding the ducks, playgrounds etc..)


Do Some Shopping

What To Do In Bath In One Day 

If you fancy a little shopping, you can find plenty of shops and brands in Bath from Primark to luxury brands.

Chill in Parade Garden

What To Do In Bath In One Day 

Fees: £1,50 adult.
 You can either visit it or admire from above it’s up to you! As we are in autumn I thought just admiring from above was enough since they aren’t any flowers on at the moment.

Pulteney Bridge

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge is probably one of the most iconic photographed place in Bath centre. The architecture of the bridge and nature surrounding makes the Pulteney Bridge a beautiful landscape to look at. You can also take a walk down the banks to see another perspective of it.
And thanks, god this time no gulls decided to relieve themselves on me.

Bath Markets

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
Bath Markets

Very close to the Pulteney Bridge you can find one of the entrances of Bath Market. It’s quite small, but you can find several shops inside.

The Circus

What To Do In Bath In One Day 
The Circus

Alongside the Royal Crescent, the Circus is another landmark of Bath. Achieved by the same architect of the Royal Crescent. In opposite to the Royal Crescent, the Circus is wholly rounded and offers three segments. With a big tree in the middle of it.

Jane Austen Centre 

Jane Austen is a famous author who lived in Bath. The Jane Austen Centre is retracing her story. We did not visit the Centre though since we were tired as the day was stretching out. But it’s a pretty famous place to visit in Bath.

Psst, if you would like to read some more about the city, check out this weekend guide to Bath!



What To Do In Bath In One Day 

Food-wise, there’s plenty of adorable bakeries in Bath. But we had a lunch/brunch with a divine avocado smoked salmon toast at Boston Tea Party chain café. It was more of a brunch than a proper lunch yet, it was still well filling so we were fuelled to continue our day exploring.


Cornish Pasty shops are everywhere and we were very curious about it. We went for a traditional Cornish Pasty; I must say it was much yummier than thought it’d be!

They’re originally from Cornwall, but you can find quite a lot of shops selling them in both, Bath and Bristol. So if you’re in England you must try them, the small version makes a great snack!


More recently in February, I took another day trip to Bath with a friend and we had a delicious burger with sweet potato fries for lunch and with a chocolate milkshake for my friend. As the title state, the burgers are all handmade with fresh products, so if you fancy some burger for lunch it’s definitely the place you need to hit.


Another very famous food to eat in Bath, are the Sally Lunn Buns. They’re made of dough with egg and cream and perfect for afternoon tea. It’s a famous stop for tourists and locals in Bath.

It says they have been brought to England during the 16th by an immigrant named Solange Luyon who was known as Sally Lunn hence the name of those yummy sweet buns.


Journey From Bristol Temple Meads To Bath Spa

We took the train around 10:30 am at Bristol Temple Meads to get to Bath. It’s is a few minutes away. 12 to be more precise.

The anytime return ticket cost £8,60. If you take an off-peak return, it’s around £7.
But the train isn’t the only way to go to Bath; a cheaper option would be to take either 39 or X39 bus. It takes around 35-40min. One way is £1,90.

Journey From London Paddington To Bath Spa

Bath is one hour and a half away from London by train, so not too bad for a day trip! An off-peak ticket return cost £79, however, if you do buy them in advance on a cheap train it can cost you around £53.

Arriving at Bath Spa

Once you get off the train station, it takes only around 3 min walk to join the centre of the city. Where you can find a lot of shops/ Bakery to do some souvenirs/clothing shopping or enjoy a nice meal and a snack. You will also notice the famous Bath Stone which the city has been built with and gives the city this quaint charm (it’s even more beautiful during the Christmas market, the stone glows with the lights!)

The atmosphere of the town is very relaxed; it feels perfect to walk around and enjoy yourself, especially when you come from a bigger city such as Bristol or London. Not that Bath is a small city, but, it definitely carries a more chill atmosphere. I’d say the ideal plus would be to treat yourself to a massage/spa, but sadly I did not have the budget, but oh boy, I’d have loved to!

Most of the famous locations in Bath are close to each other, so you can organise yourself to build yourself your walking tour around the city.
Although if you want to have a real guide, there’s some organised walk around the city.

This is everything on my What To Do In One Day in Bath list! I may not have seen everything, but it’s pretty much impossible to see everything in a day anyway. With this you can get a good idea of much it’s possible to see and then adapt your itinerary for your day trip.

Although, one thing I would have like to do and didn’t have time as it’s entirely away from the centre of the city by foot is Prior Park Landscape Garden  – saving it for next time!

Plus, I think taking your time while you visit, not just rush around to check off everything on your list is more enjoyable. I still think I’ve seen/visited a lot – and walked almost 20km so definitely a nice day trip to Bath! Every hot spot in the city is from a walkable distance, so you don’t need to use public transportation. So I really recommend you to visit Bath if you can, definitely worth it! 🙂

What To Do In Bath In One Day

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  1. 26/10/2017 / 12:49

    Oh wow, Bath looks beautiful! The Roman history there is amazing. And the architecture is gorgeous! But… I must say. I really love the picture of the squirrel! haha! So cute.

  2. 26/10/2017 / 17:03

    Such a comprehensive list of places with details. I had really not heard about Bath before but looks super interesting with the Gothic structures, wildlife and food.

  3. 26/10/2017 / 21:19

    Yep, it’s always a good idea to visit a place twice so you can discover what you’ve missed the previous time 😉

  4. 27/10/2017 / 04:27

    I like Bath…a we quaint little English town with such fabulous architecture!! I would completely would like to see Roman Bath, its like must see.. But I’ll give drinking that water a pass…ha .. Warning accepted😀 Royal crescent looks gorgeous..hope I get to see this 17th century icon❤️

  5. 27/10/2017 / 13:43

    I can’t believe I’ve never been to Bath & everyone’s telling me all these wonderful things about & your pictures definitely show it’s a place worth visiting!

  6. Trailing Abroad
    27/10/2017 / 21:12

    Looks like a fun place to visit for a day trip..Im so hungry now after seeing the Cornish Pasty pic :P…
    The Roman bath picture is amazing..

  7. alexisrae13
    28/10/2017 / 09:47

    Bath looks amazing but I would definitely not be drinking the water!

  8. 24/11/2017 / 17:23

    Bath is a real Georgian gem! I’ve been a couple of times but I didn’t realise how much I was missing. I’ve never been to that gorgeous bridge…I will next time 🙂

  9. 28/04/2018 / 20:15

    Bath looks absolutely charming 🙂 I’d love to visit some day.

  10. 17/05/2018 / 17:44

    I love Bath! I have been once before but I really need to see more of it. My brother goes to uni at Bath so I have no excuse not to go really :’)

  11. 17/05/2018 / 18:16

    Bath looks so amazing. Colors are dull but the architecture is just perfect. And you really get a whole day of activity here. Very nice.

  12. 17/05/2018 / 18:17

    Bath is definitely a place I need to visit. My sister studied there but never made it through to see it. I hope this year. Great blog.

  13. 17/05/2018 / 21:57

    What an awesome day trip! Loving this helpful breakdown. Thanks for the warning about the Roman bath water tasting awful – although I feel like I’d still be curious enough to try it for myself haha – especially if it will heal all illnesses 😉

  14. ozandoth
    17/05/2018 / 23:12

    Honestly didn’t know much about Bath until this post, but it sounds awesome! PS – Happy 24th birthday! PSS – I love your table of contents feature

  15. 18/05/2018 / 03:49

    Great guide! I definitely want to check out the Bath spa, but I’ll pass on drinking the water.

  16. 18/05/2018 / 10:25

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed list! Bath always reminds me of Jane Austen and her novels. I would love to visit here at least once in my life.

  17. thegetawayjournals
    18/05/2018 / 20:30

    Happy 24th! Sounds like you had an amazing trip. Hope you complete your full list by your 25th!

  18. 16/06/2018 / 08:42

    This is a great post- I’m heading home to the UK for a few weeks and am desperate to visit Bath but I’ve got a tight schedule. Thanks so much! Happy belated 24th!

  19. 16/06/2018 / 22:14

    Roman bath looks fantastic. Although I probably wouldn’t drink water out of it 😀

  20. Katie
    16/06/2018 / 23:01

    You have some great tips for Bath! My family now lives here, so I never have to do everything in one day, but I’ve managed most of these over several months 🙂

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    Awesome itinerary! I’ve STILL never been to Bath, despite knowing that I’d love it lol. Just never seem to make it out that way! I never really knew about the abbey, it looks beautiful!

  22. 25/07/2018 / 19:34

    Beautiful photos. I’ve never been to bath before. The Roman bath looks incredible

  23. 25/07/2018 / 20:17

    Lovely photos! I visited Bath last year, but spent 3 hours at the Roman Baths (possibly because I’m a classicist), oops.. The water of the Roman Baths tastes horrible indeed!

  24. 25/07/2018 / 22:05

    Bath is one of the trips I plan to do during my next trip to London, along with Brighton. Was already sxcited but didn’t realize how much more there was to see other than what I already knew.

  25. josypheen
    25/07/2018 / 22:29

    Goodness! 20km is quite a hike for exploring around a city! I hope you had comfy shoes on!!

    I really love Bath. I used to visit quite often with work, but I’d be visiting schools or heading over to Bath Spa University, so I have no spent enough time there as a tourist. I would love to go back with my husband as it is such a pretty city. I never made it to the Royal crescent or the Royal Victoria park, so you’ve given me an excuse to go back! 😉

  26. 25/07/2018 / 22:50

    I loved bath when I visited. It’s the first place I tell friends to go to for a day trip out or a weekend away. I didn’t get a chance either to have a spa treatment but if I did I’m sure it would have been amazing.

  27. 26/07/2018 / 01:56

    I didn’t know you could taste the water from the Roman bath. Even knowing it tastes horrible, I think I may still give it a try 🙂 Can’t wait to visit Bath someday!

  28. hayleyjones98
    26/07/2018 / 09:34

    I’m so disappointed that I never visited Bath! I’ve been living in London for the past year and will be going back to South Africa in a few weeks! Definitely need to make a trip back to the U.K. to visit places like this that I’ve missed out on

  29. thegetawayjournals
    26/07/2018 / 19:55

    Looks like a fabulous birthday! Wow! The Bath especially looks breathtaking.

  30. Baia
    26/07/2018 / 21:19

    Happy belated birthday! I love traveling somewhere on my birthday, it’s so much fun! And Bath sounds like a fun placr to roam for a day.

  31. 05/09/2018 / 17:45

    Bath sounds like a fantastic day trip from London. When you say you can drink the water from the Roman Bath, surely you can’t mean that people drink that vibrant green water! I think I would have to skip that activity. It looks like a really beautiful city to explore, although 20km of walking, ouch!

  32. savvydispatches
    06/09/2018 / 03:00

    Looks like a lovely place to be. I’d definitely like to check out the Roman Baths and maybe even eat a pasty… Do they come in vegetarian options?

  33. 06/09/2018 / 11:45

    It was a long time ago when I went to visit Bath. Beautiful town. Missed the bridge though! I would have definitely liked that weir – since I love these ubiquitous English early engineered stuff that they put all over the country back then! This one I believe is to purposely dissipate the river flow’s energy, so that it flows slower downstream.

  34. 06/09/2018 / 12:08

    I went there in 2013 on an overnight trip with a friend. It is one of those places that you wish you’re with a romantic partner lol

    Mica of http://www.senyorita.net

  35. 06/09/2018 / 14:38

    I’d love to visit Bath one day! There’s so much history and it looks so beautiful. Great overview of things to do!

    • Lyne
      07/09/2018 / 14:13

      It is a great city for beautiful architecture and history!

  36. 06/09/2018 / 15:30

    Bath looks amazing! Kind of reminds me of fairytale for some reason 😂 need to come back to the UK, last time I went I only got to see London!

    • Lyne
      07/09/2018 / 14:12

      You need to come back! There are so many amazing places to visit in the UK!

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    Thanks for that warning about trying the water at the Roman bath. Somehow, I think I will still be tempted! Loved your writeup on Bath. I look forward to visiting.

  38. 07/09/2018 / 03:07

    I wonder how the Romans created such sturdy structures that have withstood the ravages of time for 2000 years!! Oh how I miss those days in Europe, sinking in the history all around. Beautiful pictures.

    • Lyne
      07/09/2018 / 14:11

      I know right, it’s amazing to think this was done so many years ago! 🙂 thanks!

  39. Anisa
    29/09/2018 / 23:34

    I am hoping to make it to Bath later this year so this is a helpful post. The Roman Baths were on the list, but now I have a few more ideas. It’s also helpful to have those food recommendations.

  40. 04/01/2020 / 16:18

    What a great post! Bath is one UK city I haven’t been to yet but desperately want to visit, and your post makes me want to go even more! It looks like such a beautiful city with a great personality.

  41. Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks
    09/05/2020 / 22:29

    Having been obsessed with ancient Roman culture since I was young, I’ve always wanted to go to Bath and despite having lived in the UK for 8 years now, I only made it out there last year! Loved very much though 🙂

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