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day trip giverny
Inside Monet’s Garden

Taking a day trip to Giverny is one of the most popular activity to do while visiting Paris. For those who don’t know Giverny was home to Claude Monet, the famous painter hence why this quaint village is so popular among tourists and locals when it comes to doing a day trip from Paris. You can find there his fantastic garden and the very iconic Japanese bridge from his “Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies” painting.

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With a Tour 

There are plenty of tourism companies which offers a full day trip to Giverny if you don’t want to bother with the organisation and would like a more in-depth tour.
If you would like to do a tour I recommend you ParisCityVision they offer plenty of packages with different activities.

On Your Own

However, if you want to organise your own day trip, it’s pretty easy.
To get to Giverny from Paris you have to go to the train station at St Lazare and take a train to Vernon-Giverny. The journey is relatively short, only 50min.

You can buy your ticket directly at the train station or on the SNCF website which I recommend to check for the cheapest prices and hours.

However, the train doesn’t arrive straight into Giverny. It arrives in a small town called Vernon, hence the name of the station Vernon-Giverny.
From there on you have three options to get to Giverny:

  •  A shuttle for 10€ way round.
  •  Small train for 8€
  •  Simply to walk – although that may take a little while!


Giverny might be a small village there are nonetheless plenty of activities to do there. Of course, the main attraction being Monet’s house with its fantastic luxurious garden. During a day trip to Giverny, you’ll have plenty of fun, I promise and a day filled with creativity!

Monet Garden & House

Obviously the main activity for anyone visiting Giverny. After all, this is what made Giverny famous in the first place.

day trip giverny

If you’re expecting to be able to take a good shot of yourself on the bridge with no one around, well you’re dreaming, unless you get EXTREMELY lucky. Or very skilled with Photoshop and I am neither, but that’s okay with me.

day trip giverny
what to do in Giverny

However, there are so many astonishing spots around the garden so if you want a nice shot for Instagram don’t worry you will get it.

There’s not a single moment where I’ve seen it empty there are always several people on it. If you look closely on the first photo you can also see a bunch of people on the second bridge!

If you’re passionate about flowers this is also a great place for you. I don’t know much about flowers myself yet it was still interesting to see so many flowers.

Monet’s house is as quaint as you think it would be. It’s very charming little (well not so little), however as it is extremely crowded during summertime and the holiday you can quickly feel trapped inside the house. Especially in the “art room”.

The paintings are delightful but, it was an actual nightmare as it was so crowded. Almost all of the rooms in the house are filled with art pieces and pretty much have a “theme colour” which makes them very unique and harmonious. When I visited the exhibition going on was Monet’s Japonism series, and I absolutely love Japan, so it was a really interesting exhibition and a little bonus for me.

The queue was insane around lunchtime, so we decided to explore a bit more and have a bit before we would visit about an hour later it has decreased by 3. Which means we barely queued for 10min! Lucky! Unless you got lucky there’s every likelihood you will have to queue unless you buy advance tickets.

Ticket Price: 9€50
You can also buy advance tickets online for 10,20€.


The village of Giverny is also home to one museum dedicated to the Impressionist painters, including Monet and his art.

The exhibition changes pretty much every season and it takes up to two hours to fully visit it in-depth. If you wish to visit both the Museum and Monet’s house&garden you have the possibility to buy directly at the museums a ticket for both for 17€ (9,50€ for the house and garden and 7,50€ for the museum).

Additional museums you can visit in Paris about Monet are “L’orangerie” and of course Le musée d’Orsay. “L’orangerie” is located in the 1er Arrondissement inside Le Jardin des Tuileries.

Also, the garden outside the museum is absolutely lush and stunning. It’s where you can find the landscape that inspired his haystacks.

Take A Stroll

You can’t go wrong if you decide to wander in Giverny, the village is small yet super quaint with a lot of arts, pretty houses and nice architecture.

what to do in Giverny

You can also find the church with the cemetery where Monet is buried a little further. A small quaint church with its cemetery right behind.

Art Galleries

what to do in giverny

Giverny is home to many artists, past or presents you can find so many art galleries filled with painting, sculptures and so much more! Creativity is all over the place!

I even found a painting of Altbator. Yes, Albator.
(It’s an old anime for those you don’t know)

Of course, there are much more traditional pieces of art, but that one was totally unexpected for me.

Explore Vernon

Vernon is that cute small town you first arrive at if you’re going to Giverny by yourself with the train. While people don’t really think about visiting it the Cathedral of Vernon and the

My mum and I explored it for a bit before taking the train back to Paris and it’s a really lovely place, there’s not much to do but I think it’s still worth to visit if you have some extra time. Vernon Cathedral is really lovely, you can also find a lot of wonky (or not) timbered houses.

A Day Trip To Fontainebleau’s Castle

It’s no wonder why a day trip to Giverny is one of the best day trip and extra activity you can include to your trip when visiting Paris; the best time to visit would be around Spring and Summer, although it gets easily crowded so I’d recommend avoiding visiting during the summer peak.

We often have a really nice end of summer in September (Indian Summer) in France so visiting around this time should be nicer than at the peak of the season. Also in spring, well, it’s the season where everything starts to bloom so it’s perfect!

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Daytrip To Giverny

A day trip to Giverny, France. One of the best day trip you can take from Paris to explore a quaint village which was home to artist painter Monet. Visit his house and garden to discover beautiful flowers and arts. #Giverny #France #travel #daytrip #europe


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  1. Amanda Alexis
    14/11/2018 / 20:54

    These are some absolutely lovely photos you took! I’m not a huge fan of flowers and plants and such, but I’m sure my father would be in plant heaven here. I am, however, a huge fan of Monet and adore seeing where all his inspiration comes from. You can truly picture him being there seeing what you see and putting paint to canvas. This was quite informative and love how this quaint town can be just a day trip away! Great post!

  2. josypheen
    14/11/2018 / 21:00

    Oooh this looks amazing! I have visit Paris a bunch of times, but I never thought to pop over to Giverny! I’ll have to visit next time! <3

    I mean, Monet's painting are simply lovely, it is really cool to see the scenes that he painted! Were you tempted to bring a sketch book and some paints?

  3. 14/11/2018 / 21:09

    Oh how I love adding new places to my bucket list. I had no idea this is where Monet lived. But as soon as I saw your first picture it just screamed “MONET!”

    What a lovely place to do a day trip. It’s my dream to go back to France one day and explore a bunch of little towns like this. There are so many!

  4. letsgettripsy
    15/11/2018 / 04:19

    I spent a month in France in 2004 with most of my time in Paris but I was young and less adventurous otherwise this sounds like a day trip I would have definitely gone on! It looks quaint and lovely, even Vernon! I can see how Monet’s house/gardens would be so busy and how the house could become crowded but what a blessing to be able to visit and see all of that – I hope to do this day trip one day, thanks for sharing this info on Giverny!

  5. 15/11/2018 / 07:45

    This is so amazing! The Monet garden and the house is simply mesmerizing to say less!

  6. 15/11/2018 / 08:02

    I’ve been to Paris a couple of times and am so embarrassed to say I had no idea this was such a popular day trip from Paris! But looking at your photographs – I understand why now! Taking a stroll past those gorgeous little houses and churches sounds so lovely. I will keep this in mind for next time! (Please be it soon !!)

  7. hayleyjones98
    15/11/2018 / 08:43

    Oh wow, I’ve been to Paris twice now but haven’t heard of this quaint little village. Although both times I was only in Paris for a few days so probably didn’t have enough time to add a day trip to the itinerary. Your photos are beautiful!

  8. 15/11/2018 / 16:34

    Vernon Cathedral looks gorgeous! And the church where Monet is buried, too– this seems like such a nice place to spend a day just walking around. It looks like you had a really nice time!

  9. 15/11/2018 / 21:10

    What a lovely place! In all the times I’ve been to France I’ve still not been Giverny, it’s looks stunning. Great post

  10. 16/11/2018 / 21:36

    What a wonderful experience so close to Paris. I’ve always wanted to go to Giverny each time I’m in Paris, but for some reason, I never get there. You’ve taken such really lovely pictures and described it so well. I’ve got to get there the next time I’m in Paris. Thanks for the push 🙂

  11. 17/11/2018 / 04:33

    Thanks for such a great post! And, thank you for including details about the house. It seems all you see are photos of the gardens so it was nice to read about everything one can do at Giverny. I haven’t been yet. But, as I love Impressionism, it’s on my list. Great photos, too.

  12. 17/11/2018 / 05:28

    Loved the post.what a beautiful little town ..after seeing the pics. I so wanna make a visit.

  13. 18/11/2018 / 00:09

    I’ve been to Paris before but didn’t make it to Giverny – good reason to visit again! I’m not much one for art museums, so love that I can get a bit of Monet in the great outdoors. From your photos, the gardens look stunning and it looks like a quaint little town!

  14. 18/11/2018 / 01:31

    Wow! I love Monet’s paintings, and I knew he had cataracts and his paintings were how he actually saw the world, but I never stopped to wonder about the places he painted. They are so instantly recognisable in the photographs!

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