My 2017 Travel Recap


One more year is coming to an end, and -as every single year-  I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. 2017 has it fair share of ups and downs for me as for everyone.

However I still had the chance to do my fair share of travels. Looking back at it, it could be defined by one country->  England AKA the country I visited the most.

Despite this I still managed to visit some new places, and add a new country to my travel list.




London, England

I started 2017 in London with my friends as I was there to see the fireworks, and I must admit that it was a bit of a let down as our spot wasn’t the best for the fireworks. Although the atmosphere was really fun and friendly so it does balance it out !

The weather was quite bad so we didn’t get to do much on the 1st and 2nd only basics touristy stuff.
It was quite a nice way to start off the year still !


Bristol, England

My second trip came shortly after. This time it was to Bristol. I spent a week-end there, the weather was pretty terrible. Overall I felt the city was quite meh. Around Clifton Bridge the area was nice, however Stoke Croft some street art there is nice but, erm sorry no.



Angoulême, France

Fast forward to April, with a nice spring weather when I went on a nice relaxing week-end to Angoulême with my best friend. The town is fairly small, and well-known for its comic festival.




Bath, UK

One month later I was again on a plane to England, this time it was to visit Bath. I absolutely LOVED it ! If you’re visiting south-west England you definitely need to visit Bath (and Somerset in general!) I did a little list about what you can do in Bath ! 🙂




London, UK

My little brother turned 18th and a month later my other brother would turn 20th so I had the idea to take them on a trip to London as the EuroStar was having some discount (you can enjoy discount all year long on EuroStar Snap if you’re flexible with your time schedule)



Honfleur, France 

I had no expectations for Honfleur as it was just a trip with close friends, and I thought wherever we would go we would have fun. However it was surprisingly nice and quite touristy.

Sans titre 1.jpg

Soon after I headed to Brittany for a military event and see some family.

Which I totally lost pictures of. Oh well.




Corfu, Greece 

This one was actually totally unplanned, as I wrote in my post about Corfu this was a spontaneous trip. Planned it in a heartbeat and next thing I know I was in a bus to Brussels before I took a plane to Corfu.
Not without any trouble though.

I loved that trip bits to bits. Luxurious scenery, crystal water and some actual heat, nothing compared to what “Summer” was in Paris at that time.

After this I headed back to saw some family in Brittany again.




Portimao, Portugal  + Amsterdam, Netherlands

To end summer time I took one last trip with a friend to the Algarve, it was my first time in Portugal but definitely not the last time.  Portugal is fairly cheap so it’s a great budget destination ! It has a lot of delicious food and breathtaking scenery.

On our way back we made a short cut to Amsterdam as it was cheaper to fly to Amsterdam and then head over to Paris by Thalis than to fly directly to Paris.

October – December

Bristol, England


I was supposed to go on an Erasmus exchange to Kent, University however I didn’t pass all my semesters so my exchange was cancelled (that’s a down, yep). I had saved quite a lot of money so I decided to go to a language school to polish my English skills.
Ok, so now I know I said I wasn’t too fond of Bristol, but as I couldn’t find any school I liked in Bath I decided to give Bristol a second chance. And I grow quite fondly of this city where I stayed 2 months.

I will write more about it in a later post ! In the meantime I made a little video of this two months 🙂 check it out !


I also managed to do some little trips to close by cities :

Bath at the beginning and end of my trip.





And finally Wells.



And this sums up my year of travel. Looking back at it travel wise, it was a pleasant year. And I can only look forward to 2018 for my next adventures !


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  1. You’ve been so many places this year Lyne! I’m so jealous 😍😍😍 bath looks especially beautiful but your photos of Corfu are just to die for! I can’t wait to see what travels you’ll be slim in 2018 x

    1. Thank you dear <3 ! Bath and Corfu are both such beautiful places in their own ways 😍

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