The Best Travel Gift Ideas for Travellers

Best Travel Gift Ideas Guide

With every holidays seasons, birthdays and occassions people are starting to look out for the perfect gift for their loved one. We all have a travel lover around us!

Do you know the best thing about this guide? It’s not only a holiday guide for travellers, but it’s also perfect for any kind of occasion, a birthday, a congratulation gift or even Valentine’s day, or even for yourself, I mean treating yourself every now then is a good thing! 

That’s why it’s the best gift guide for travellers full of ideas! You will have plenty of gift ideas for all the travel lovers you know.

And I promise you those are gifts travelers will actually want and enjoy.

The Best Travel Gift Ideas for Travellers

There’s plenty of useful pieces you can purchase to make a traveller happy. However, sometimes it can be hard to pick the right thing as it could be something electronic, a piece of clothes, an accessory and the list goes on! 

Those travel gift ideas are suitable for both men and women, as well as every budget!


Travel themed items are endless, to be honest, it’s pretty easy to find any kind of items, from clothing to mugs and even stickers. They are pretty much always a good idea as long as you know it something that people can use and enjoy, no one wants some junk even if it’s travel-themed. 

A lot of them can be customised in order to be more of a personal gift, like the following ones: 

  • Scratching map of the world
  • Mugs
  • Globe of the world
  • Decorating Stickers for walls
  • Customised toiletries bag



It’s nothing new, but packing can be quite tedious sometimes, therefore packing cubes always come in handy to help you out preparing your journey.

Another handy item similar to packing cubes you could get for a makeup lover who travels often is a makeup bag or a makeup box, a lot of them are designed to optimise your space without having to make too many compromises. 
Or any kind of toiletries bag to store them!

One more useful items for women could be a portable travel jewellery box. It is sometimes a bit annoying to carry pieces of jewellery around when you travel as it can get easily tangled or even lost in your luggage, this is the perfect item to carry pieces of jewellery around when you travel.


If you’re lucky the country you travel to might have the same voltage and plug as your home country, however, that might not always be the case. 
In order to prevent any traveller to find themselves unable to charge their devices abroad, an international plug adapter is a perfect item!


Quite a classic useful item, it prevents your passport from getting damaged. Especially for those who travel a lot, or those who just don’t always look after their stuff.  A passport being one of your most important items when you travel it is important to protect it!

There are a million different passport holders, some simple one either made of plastic or leather. Or even some that you can custom before gifting them!

You can also find some passport wallet that can hold much more than just your passport, you can store any kind of valuable items in them such as your credit card, transport card, boarding pass and so on!


Lush Tin

Pretty useful for any kind of travellers, be it an avid traveller or an occasional one.

While there are plenty of travel sized items available on the market, in my opinion, most of them are really pricey for what they are really worth. Besides, they just contribute to increasing our singe plastic use and waste. You can get them some reusable toiletries bottle that they can fill in with their own products.

Lush products are also a good option as they are environment-friendly and cruelty-free, also they’re really handy to travel with if you pick the right one.


Single plastic use is and has always been an issue and nowadays with more than X tons of plastic in our ocean, every single to reduce the use of single plastic use items count. 

Also, you can found some filtered water bottle which cleans up parasites and bacteria from the water, like this one, which is a must-have for international travel or even hiking then you will always have drinkable water no matter where you are in the world.

So, why not offer a cool and handy steel water-bottle as a gift? There are plenty of different design and materials offered on the market even retractable bottle if you don’t have much space. Although to be really ecological it’s best to buy steel reusable water bottle.
In addition to this don’t forget to say bye to plastic straw, steel straws are in!

Besides, it will definitely come in handy when flying, as you can fill them after checking with the customs instead of having to buy an overpriced water bottle!


Okay so this is probably one of my favourite items, this is a life saver! This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone and not only for travelling also as a daily item.

Not only you can charge your phone with it but any kind of electronic devices and you can charge several at once. Depending on the model you buy its lifetime vary, there are some really good one out there. Either way, a power portable charger is a great investment even for your daily life!


Yes, a travel guide! Quite classic but never fails to deliver if you pick the right guide. We may have plenty of online resources nowadays but sometimes a classic paper travel guide is great to discover more about a city, nothing beats the feeling of brand new paper. The travel guides from Lonely Planet are great for example!

However, most of them also come out as an ebook that you can carry on wherever you feel like on a tablet.


Probably one of my favourite thing to bring wherever I travel or just to keep memories of any kind of events I go to.  It’s just so easy to take small pictures with it (although be careful with the weather and the setting if you don’t want to end up with a full white or black picture!). You can put them anywhere you like, in your travel diary if you own one or simply in a Polaroid album

I have two Fujifilm Polaroid camera, both that I bought in Japan but you can easily find them anywhere nowadays either on Amazon, the official website or any resellers really as they are pretty common nowadays.


A perfect alternative for those you don’t fancy to carry around a Polaroid Camera when travelling!

Sprocket is a little printer that prints 10x10cm photo you can then use as stickers or simply to fill your travel diary or photo albums once you’re back home. You can print them directly from your phone with the app!


I have been using the Fitbit charger 3 for the past two months and I absolutely love it! It’s a great way to track your activity while travelling or even on a daily basis. And it’s also waterproof so it is great for any kind of activities even water one! A Fitbit wristwatch a great gift for anyone who would like to keep track of their physical activity on a daily basis or on the go!

However, if you fancy a more subtle bracelet you can get the Fitbit Alta HR or for one that looks more like a watch the Fitbit Versa is great!


Obviously, you have to carry your stuff around when you travel, so, depending on which type of traveller you gifting to or where they are going they will either need a suitcase or a backpack so this can be a perfect gift!

A backpack I really like is the Hari collection from Grafea to travel with if you’re looking for a classy backpack to go with. I have a review about the Hari backpack here.


If you know when they’re available and a destination they will enjoy, then why not plan a trip for them to go solo or with you? You can either make it a full surprise or let them know and drop hints before the trip!
Although it’s more fun if you go with them!

I did put together a little London getaway for both my brothers birthday last year and it was the perfect gift! It can be a little tricky to plan but it’s doable!

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