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wrong airport
Brussels Grand Place

I went to the wrong airport.

 When it comes to travel not everything always goes as smoothly as planned. Which makes some funny -afterward- travel fail to tell.

For my past trip to Greece, in order to keep thing into my budget, I actually took a night/morning bus from Paris to Brussels.
Since the flight to Corfu from Paris would have been around 349€, I digged around to see if any airport of country nearby had cheaper flights. And Brussels answered all my wishes ! I mean I ended getting the whole trip →

  • Way round bus to Brussels
  • Hostel/hotel (with airport pick up, breakfast and dinner)
  • Flight

For 325€ !

So, what else can I say but hell yeah to this. Travel budget win !

Although, now here is the thing. Things could have just continue to be spot on for me, but it takes one little mistakes to mess it up.

When I was in Brussels with my friend, after a little sightseeing under a very unpleasant weather. I googled again “airport shuttle Brussels” and since there was only ONE choice, I just went with it and ordered the shuttle tickets. Also, the plane tickets were only saying “Brussels” so I didn’t give it much second thoughts.

wrong airport
Manneken pis

As we were making our way to the aiport after 40min of shuttle something felt off, I mean, our flight was nowhere on the departure screen ? That was a pretty dead giveaway.

This is at very moment that we realised there were a second airport. Meaning we were at the wrong airport. My stress level was probably over the moon. I mean how on earth could have I get the airport the wrong ?

If you read my post about Corfu (if not you can still read it it’s not too late ahah) you know that I was the one in charge of this whole trip, my friend just went along with the flow.
I cannot tell you how stupid I felt for not checking such a simple thing like this.
Also for the extra cost that was adding on our trip, but well at this point we didn’t had the choice, better to spend extra money than to buy another ticket to Corfu.

Luckily for us, we had decided to go to the aiport way ahead of time due to the weather in Brussels and as we were getting bored (Sorry Brussels).
Still, we weren’t exactly sure we were going to make it on time to the right airport.

The shuttles going back to Brussels North took what seems to be forever to come. Once we were back in Brussels North the guy from the shuttles were pretty surprised to see us again, and probably let out the longest sigh when I told them we went to the wrong airport. Yeah I know, epic fail.

We made it just in time. A few minutes later and it would have been too late. While it wasn’t funny at all on the moment despite us laughing nervously, looking back on it, it is actually funny. Especially since it ended well for us ! 🙂
I know that missing a flight from Brussels to Corfu wouldn’t have been as expensive as missing let’s say a Tokyo→Paris flight (happened to some of my friend and this definitely wasn’t fun)

So to put it shortly :

  • There is two airports in Brussels.
  • Always check which airport your flight take off from.
  • And you can never know what’s gonna happen so plan enough time to catch your flight !


Ever been to the wrong aiport ? Or had any sort of issue before taking your flight ? Let me know in the comments 🙂 !




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  1. This is brilliant! I had a similar experience but instead of turning up to the wrong airport I turned up the day after my booked flight and I didn’t realise until I was at the counter the next day trying to check in! It was so embarrassing! Easily done though when there’s so many different things you have to remember!

    1. I bet it was embarrassing but mostly is annoying ! Yeah it is easy to get mixed up with infos when you have so much to remember ! 🙂

  2. That sounds like my worse nightmare, literally! Haha I’m always dreaming about missing flights, and have cut it close (down to the minute) before so I definitely understand! So lucky that you went with plenty of time and made it after all, and now you can look back on it and laugh 🙂 hope you enjoyed Corfu and Brussels!

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