Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo | Japan

Hiking Mt Takao

Hiking Mt Takao was by far one of my favourite activity/place to visit close to Tokyo, but you already know this If you read my Wanderlust, Wednesday post about Tokyo ! So I had to write this blog post to share more about this awesome spot ! Honestly I think it was such a great activity and so different than what you can usually found out in Tokyo when you’re looking out for activity.

So now let’s see what’s hiking Mt Takao like !


📍Mt Takao, Tokyo Japan

➸ How to access 

Journey : To reach the Takaosanguchi Station you need to go to Shinjuku Station in order to                   take the Keio Line till Takaosanguchi. There’s an express Line that can get you                         almost directly there. So be careful what train you board on. (Takes about                                   50min+ but it goes by pretty quickly honestly)

Price : From Shinjuku it will cost you 390¥ one way (or 381¥ if you own a SUICA or a PASMO              card)

Hiking Mt Takao

Once you reach the station, which is really small and charming. And you can instantly feel that you left the big city, it’s so quiet compared to Tokyo main station such as Shibuya or Shinjuku. Then all, you have to do is to follow the various sign into the town to reach the “entrance” of the Mt Takao – or at least the cable car entrance-

Hiking Mt Takao

Look how adorable this little town is; you’re only 50km away from Tokyo yet the atmosphere has completely changed !
You can find various tiny souvenirs shop or restaurants offering traditional items and food.  Or simply items related to the Mt Takao. Such as custom food, postcards, fans and so on…

Hiking Mt Takao

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

➸ Choosing your trail 

You have a lot of trails you can choose between 6 trails to hike Mt Takao, cable car and chair lift ( Each trail having its speciality -> Read more about it here !

We choosed trail n°6 to climb and path 1 on our way back.

To get to the trail n°6 you need to walk a bit further on the left side of the road. To be honest at first we thought we were lost but not at all. You need to walk about 10 minutes.

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo
The start of our hike on Mt Takao

Trails n°1 and n°6 are -> ” Course for a true nature experience”. I wouldn’t say the hike is really hard but it sure is tiring since it took us around two hours to get to the top without a lot of pauses (about two small one, and one to drink a bit). But then again we aren’t really pro fitness!
The path isn’t flat at all you meet rock, roots and a lot of other obstacle ! Nothing impossible to outpass though, I mean we even saw an old lady going down this path while we were climbing so, you can do it ! Ahah

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

What we didn’t see on the other hand was the “Biwa Falls”. We did see a river and some water spot where you can look up for crab but we actually miss the falls. Shame, because this was actually one of the reason I wanted to hike trail n°6 ahah.

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo
Almost there !

Before you actually reach the top there’s a LOT of steps made within the ground with wood stick. Believe me after walking for more than an hour on various not so flat rocky paths those “stairs” are killers for your legs. At least they were for mine.

But reaching the top was really satisfying anyway ! For two reasons – the view at 90% and food for the last 10%.
It’s such a nice feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top !

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Though the regular version of the their curry was more the size of a mini but nevermind. It was still great to eat after this, since well, we were starving.

You can also find some toilets, I really liked this. I mean I was as red as a beetroot so yeah water on my face felt awesome. There’s also some vending machine (or maybe only one, I’m not too sure anymore).t It’s more expensive than your usual vending machines though.

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Despite the good weather it was a bit foggy so we couldn’t see much ahead. Though the view was still great and pleasant !

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

On our way down we visited the main Hall and the shrine. Right before going back again (trail n°1) in the nature.

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

Hiking Mt Takao, Tokyo

So if you want a day out of Tokyo doing something different I definitely recommend the Mt Takao; not far from Tokyo but it still give you the impression you’re far away from the city. A big breath of fresh air and a good activity not too expensive on the top on that !

What to bring ->

  • We wore some simple hiking shoes on Mt Takao, although can totally make it with some good sneakers too.
  • You can either wear shorts or legging both are fine ! I was wearing shorts and no trouble, except maybe a few mosquitos bites ! But my bestfriend was wearing legging and got bit as well so, it’s up to you really !
  • Do not forget to get some water or a water bottle, it get quickly hot with the humidity in the summer so you need to hydrate yourself.
  • Sunglasses aren’t an exact must but when you reach the top it can be quite sunny so it’s always nice to have a pair !
  • Camera ! I mean you don’t want to miss out on those gorgeous landscapes 🙂


What else do you need to add “Hiking Mt Takao” on your Tokyo Bucket List ?! -nothing just do hush-

Have you ever been to Mt Takao ? Let me know in the comment !

See you next week for another post in the meantime you can follow me on my instagram for more -> cpt_lyne. I will be in Bristol (England) this week end !



Hiking Mt Takao
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  1. So lovely! I haven’t been to Mt. Takao, even though I was in Tokyo over this past summer. Glad that you enjoyed it; looking forward to more of your travel posts!

  2. Definitely going to squeeze hiking when I travel to Japan. I want to be enchanted by such beautiful landscapes too!

  3. Definitely going to squeeze hiking when I travel to Japan. I want to be enchanted by such beautiful landscapes too!

  4. Japan is one of those places that’s on my bucket list. But at the moment I’m not sure when that day will be due to family commitments, so I’ll have to settle looking at these photos from your trip! It looks quite a different world, and I bet it’s an eye-opener and a joy to explore.

  5. I wish I had a chance to go hiking when I was in Tokyo, it was so absolutely beautiful. Next time I go I’ll conside Mt. Takao 🙂

  6. Loved reading this post. The pictures almost made me feel as if I was there! Beautiful shots.

  7. aww so beautiful! I’ve studied Japanese literature and this is the idea that I have of the ancient Japan! One day I’ll visit it for sure! Thanks for this recommendation <3

  8. It is a true joy to explore, and so much fun. I hope you manage to fit a trip there in the futur 🙂

  9. Love this mountain. Too bad I didn’t get to explore while in Tokyo. And it’s so close!! Also love that there are so many trail options, including a chair lift and cable car. And that curry portion did look tiny. Especially after hiking!

  10. I’ve never been to Japan but i’m dying to go there! I didn’t know you could hike there. Thats amazing! haha Definitely going to bookmark this for when I visit Japan 🙂 Great post, thanks for sharing! Safe travels. xoxo – Mariella

  11. Whenever I think of Tokyo, I automatically think of the city. I never thought that you could go on a hike, and this looks awesome! No I want to go even more 🙂

  12. Yeah I used to be the same until this trip where I found out about Mt Takao. It was a great discovery 🙂

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