10 Things To Love About Tokyo | Japan

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a world unto itself or as some like call it a concrete jungle. It’s a restless city with endless activities for both, adults and kids. Tokyo has so much to offer that there is no way you won’t find an event or place to see that you won’t like. And it’s not only this that will make you love this incredible city. If you’re not convinced yet, here are 10 things to love about  Tokyo.

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

It was quite hard to narrow it down as I have an absolute crush on Tokyo since my first trip there in 2012 but I did it!

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10 Things To Love About Tokyo

#1 The cleanness

This city is squeaky clean, and it’s honestly EXTRA DUPPER SUPER lovely, to be honest. I have honestly never seen in my life, anywhere in Europe at least, such clean public transportation, public toilets (imagine this for a second, clean public toilet, it’s real I’m telling you) clean streets and so on. They take such good care of their infrastructures; it’s crazy I think some big cities could use some of this as an inspiration!

Recycling is also essential in Japan so thumbs up to this. There’s rubbish sometimes obviously, but it’s so little that you hardly notice it.

Okay, except if you’re coming out of bars/pubs at 5/6am in Shibuya or wherever else then it’s not so clean as it’s when the trashes are taken out but it’s in the process of being clean, so, yay to this. And just like any others big cities they might some areas that are overlooked.

#2 The public transports

It’s safe to say that if you ever took the public transportation in Paris, you know how much of a nightmare it can be, and if you don’t then trust my words, as a daily Parisian commuter, I can assure you it can be painful.

Tokyo’s subway is on a whole other level, it’s modern, extremely clean (some staff were cleaning the column of the station one day) and the best thing is, it is so RELIABLE. They are always on time!

However now there’s one con as nothing can ever be always perfect, it’s quite expensive.

#3 The Food

Naturally, I couldn’t write a 10 Things to Love about Tokyo without mentioning food. I think it’s impossible to say Tokyo/Japan without even including food. And I’m pretty sure most of us love to eat our way across a country!

Plus, you can find so many cheap street foods, it’s effortless to eat correctly in Tokyo without breaking the budget

I wrote an exhaustive list of 10 foods you need to try in Tokyo/Japan here on my Ultimate Tokyo Travel  Guide!

#4 Konbini/ Vending Machines

Feeling a little hungry in the middle of the night? Don’t you worry you won’t have to wait until the next morning you can pop by one of the countless konbini to get a snack or more if you feel like having an onigiri or whatever you fancy at that moment, no one will judge you.

#5 Restaurants

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

Restaurants are pretty different than your usual restaurants in the western world, I mean not entirely but there are undoubtedly some unusual yet super cool features such as the following ones:

  • Food Display – before you enter any restaurants most of them have plastics foods displayed in their front windows so even if you have no idea what’s written if it’s entirely in Japanese you can still pretty much know what they serve! It comes in handy to pick a restaurant quickly.
  • Machine to Order – In some restaurants, you can order directly outside from a device then all you have to do is to pick a seat/be seated and hand over your ticket, and the food will be brought to you shortly after.
  • Call Button – Most restaurants have a call button on the table, which means unless you call for a waiter you got all the time you want to choose from the menu! Also if you need something, it’s much smoother with the call button, no need to spend minutes trying to catch the attention of a waiter – perfect!

Also, in Japan tipping is not a thing. It’s super easy to eat and order in restaurants in Tokyo even as a foreigner so no worries!

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#6 Modern Toilet

Yes, modern toilet. You read this right. Toilets in Tokyo and Japan are a bit more elaborated than your usual toilets.

By this, I mean that, if you use them you can drop the toilets paper as with those toilets as they do the washing of both your front and rear, seat warming and deodorisation. Most people I talked to either love it or hate it. I think it’s a bit weird but not so bad. However, whether you like it or not the heated seat is an excellent feature in my opinion.

Some toilets even lift the lid by themselves when you step into the room (which frightened me as I stepped into Pompompurin restaurants toilets in Harajuku).


This being said, what’s crazy is that while there some of the most technological toilet you can also find in some station toilets from what I would refer as an old toilet, by this I mean squat toilets. Maybe it’s just me, but I hate this kind of bathroom.

#7 Game Center

Tokyo is full of Game Center; you can find them in pretty much every hot spot. They offer a lot of different kind of games, and there’s also UFO catcher there, with stuffed toys, figurines or even foods!

They got a relaxed vibe to them, even if you don’t particularly like the video game or arcade it’s something you need to experience once! You can have plenty of fun there!

Usually, you can also find Purikura machines there, which, wait for it, is something you need to try as well!

Purikura Machines are pretty much photobooth, but you get to select a background, have your skin smothered to the moon and back, big aliens eyes (although you can choose the size) and very lanky members and decorated it at the end with stickers, doodles or writing. So, now that might you sounds the silliest thing to do, but it’s an excellent way to keep memories as the pictures come out as stickers and sometimes the outcome is pretty funny. There’s a wide range of machine offering different templates, backgrounds and so on!

#8 Perfect blend of modernity and traditionalism

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

It is well known that Japan and not only Tokyo is a country that despite being utterly modern has kept a lot of its culture and tradition. And it especially shows within the architecture of the country.
Even in big cities like Tokyo, it’s not only into a specific dedicated area that you can see bribe from the past, if you pay attention to details, it’s everywhere.
One minute you could be walking on a busy street, and a minute later you could find yourself in a Temple/Shrine.

As it is the case near the Tokyo Tower for example, with Zozo-ji!

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

#9 The Temples and Shrines

10 things To Love About Tokyo

Following on with the what I said above, Japan is a country where Shintoism and Buddhism plays a large part in the culture so it’s not unusual to find shrine and temples in places you’d expect the least. Tokyo might be a big busy city, but there’s still around temples there!

Asakusa is the traditional part of Tokyo. This is where you can expect some beautiful temple/shrine and also tons of fantastic souvenir shops with craft items.

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

Each temple has their architecture and decorations, those religious places play an essential role in the Japanese life, and are honestly a delight to visit for travellers.

#10 Nature

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

I suppose that when you think of big cities nature isn’t the first thing you’d think about; however, nature is well present in Tokyo you can find countless great parks there.

The most famous parks in Tokyo are the following one, they’re all perfect for a picnic, strolling around or enjoy the cherry blossoms in Spring:

  • Yoyogi-kōen
  •  Shinjuku Park
  • Ueno Park

Or you could even go on a hike in Tokyo if you decide to take a day trip to Mt Takao as I did. It was one of the highlights of my last trip; it’s such a tremendous cheap activity. Also, excellent cardio to burn off the calories from all the yummy foods you ate!

10 Things To Love About Tokyo

And that’s a wrap on my 10 Things To Love About Tokyo! This list could go on and on, although I feel like I covered which, in my opinion, are the most loveable things about Tokyo.

Have you ever been to Tokyo? If so tell me what the thing you loved the most about this city was?






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  1. 12/05/2018 / 16:11

    This is a great list! Tokyo is one of the cities I want to visit most, and I can’t wait to experience all of this myself 🙂

    • Lyne
      13/05/2018 / 22:44

      Thanks! Tokyo is awesome, I’m sure you will love it when you will visit 🙂

  2. 28/05/2018 / 08:02

    great tips to travel in japan, next monday i am coming there and want to visit all place which you mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing good travel experience.

    • Lyne
      30/05/2018 / 16:28

      Have fun! 🙂

  3. 28/05/2018 / 23:15

    The fact that you mentioned Japanese food with those pictures actually makes me so hungry! I also can’t believe that the city is so clean too? Tokyo seriously looks beautiful I can’t wait to go someday <3

  4. 30/05/2018 / 15:47

    I really want to visit Tokyo! It looks like such a vibrant place and the food looks insane. I had no idea it was so clean, but that’s one of the things I hate about London. I am looking forward to exploring the temples too, thanks for a great post

  5. 30/05/2018 / 16:32

    Omg I love it, I’m hoping to go to Japan at the end of the year and reading things like this make me so excited!

  6. 30/05/2018 / 17:24

    What a great list! Its so helpful to know that in a lot of restaurants they have a visual of what they’re serving lol Very helpful if there’s a language barrier. Its also so nice to know how clean the city is. I have to be honest and say that because it is such a busy city, I thought it would lack in the cleaniness department. I hope to visit one day!

  7. 30/05/2018 / 17:53

    I have been wanting to go to Tokyo for as long as I can remember! And now my 8 year old daughter has been begging me to go. It’s definitely on the list!

  8. katherinefenech2017
    30/05/2018 / 18:00

    If I can rely on public transport to be on time and be clean (this is such a huge thing) then I don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for the privilege. Of course I wouldn’t visit just for the public transport, your photos of the sights are beautiful!

  9. 31/05/2018 / 01:40

    This is such a great list. I would love the cleanliness of the city as well. That sounds fabulous. I’m not so sure about that toilet though?!

  10. Ruth
    31/05/2018 / 02:46

    Oh wow! I have been wanting to go to Tokyo for the longest time ever. Seems like the city has a perfect balance of many aspects. I think I am mostly attracted by the food. I have never heard anybody complaining about the food in there. By the way, I visited Slovenia a few weeks ago and I found the country incredibly clean. I wonder how it compares to Japan.

  11. 31/05/2018 / 14:38

    I’m absolutely dying to get to Tokyo – and Japan generally in fact! It’s a country that really fascinates me as it has so many things that are totally unique to the country. I would absolutely love the food and the countryside looks stunning too. I really hope I get there soon!

  12. josypheen
    31/05/2018 / 16:09

    For me, Tokyo is all about the food! I loooove all the interesting things you can eat. It looks like most of the commenters said the same thing!) I also really love the less famous, quirky areas if you just walk and have a good explore.

    I love that you also went to Takao-san too. I blooming LOVE it there, especially in the autumn! Did you get to see a=the amazing view of Mount Fuji?

  13. 31/05/2018 / 21:58

    Tokyo is for sure on my bucket list. It seems such a diverse country, the one I am sure I will enjoy a lot. Thanks for the tips and recommendations. Saving your post of the future

  14. 28/07/2018 / 21:06

    Tokyo is just the best. I miss the food and the toilets (weird thing to say in one sentence, lol).

  15. 28/07/2018 / 22:37

    Tokyo is one of my favourite cities in the world! I really need to get back there. Your photos have given me some wanderlust!

  16. blondevoyagenyc
    29/07/2018 / 05:05

    I miss Tokyo! What a wonderful city. Asakusa was probably one of my favorites 🙂 You really pointed out the best spots 🙂

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