Best Teahouse in Paris: Nina’s Paris

Looking for the best teahouse in Paris? Elegant design, bright colours, an exquisite cake, rich flavoured teas, friendly staff all around the theme of Marie-Antoinette and the Palace of Versailles. That sounds like a dream teahouse, right? Then it’s your lucky day because this place does exist and it’s probably, if not indeed the best teahouse in Paris: Nina’s Paris.

Best Teahouse in Paris: Nina’s Paris

On Friday my dear friend Amanda from LaDameWhoFellToEarth and I went to the loveliest teahouse in Paris for a nice cup of tea. We weren’t disappointed. Nina’s Paris is in every way perfect, from the design of the place, the colours, the goodies and Marie-Antoinette themed decorations. It’s a delightful experience.

The choice of tea is pretty insane. You can find a wide range of drinks. Also, before you pick you can ask to smell the tea and compare them.

All the teas are a blend of fruits and flowers directly picked up from the Garden of Versailles itself, pretty cool right!

Amanda and I both took the cake, as honestly, it looked way too good to resist the temptation. And frankly, I’m not going to lie; it undoubtedly was one of the best cake I ever had.

Not only it was beautiful, but the caramelised apple with the rose icing on top is such a fabulous combination of flavours. If I could, I’d have eaten the whole cake by myself, honest.I’m more of a savoury person, but it was that good.

We both picked a different tea so we could try two of them. As expected the tea and the cake were both delicious with strong flavours which combined perfectly with the cake

As the other customers were leaving the staff offered to move us to a “salon” area, which we gladly accepted as it looked comfy and cute!

Nina's Paris


I’d say the only minus is that they only have one cake to offer and no savoury foods, it’s not really bothering but maybe adding something else regarding food could be a good idea.

And something that will please my fellow Instagrammers, it’s a total Instagram heaven. Every bit of this teahouse is Instagrammable.
I mean, take a look at this and dare to say that this place isn’t gorgeous nor Instagram worthy for this matter.


Nina's Paris

Hello from the little salon

Also, it appears that some people -I’d assume girls- think it’s okay to walk in and use the place to shoot some photos of their outfits… Obviously, it’s not and it’s straight rude, you have the right to take pictures and “as many as you want” to quote our waitress but only if you’re a customer. Which is honestly common sense, but hey apparently some people think their Instagram feed is more important than being polite? Sad.


You can buy several kinds of goods, from tea sets, teas -obviously- to perfume and chocolate – the price range is pretty wide. You can find some affordable stuff for a couple of euros to some more fancy and pricey goods.

If you’re looking for nice souvenirs from Paris, this place will probably satisfy you!

Useful Informations ->

Adress : 

29 rue Danielle Casanova75001 Paris, France



Opening Hour :

It’s open from Monday to Saturday

From 12:00 to 19:00.

It’s fairly “quiet” during week time but as the room is quite small if you’re planning to visit on a Saturday booking might be a safer option.

Price: €€€

I’d say it’s a bit pricey as a cup of tea and cake set is 18€, and a cup of tea alone is 10€~, so yes not the cheapest
Although judging by the quality of the beverage and food, the place and the loveliest staff I ever met in my life, I think it’s worth the splurge.
Plus, we got to sample a few other stuff, such as homemade confiture, dark chocolate (the tablet is shaped just like the garden in Versailles!) and some delicious dark chocolate truffles!
We were also given a few more tea bags sample to try home.

So, yes I recommend this place if you’re looking for lovely tea time in Paris.

Nina’s Paris Website


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