A Guide To DisneyLand Paris

Guide To DisneyLand Paris

I am, like a lot of people on this planet, a huge Disney fan! Luckily for me, one of the Disneyland Park is located in France in Paris only an hour away.
Over the past few years, I visited Disneyland Paris quite a lot. By quite a lot I mean that at some point I went there over 10 times a month, perks of being a student and having an annual pass.
So, I gathered some tips and info that I thought would be useful to create a guide to Disneyland Paris for anyone planning on visiting the parks! Either for a day trip to Disneyland or a little vacation!

A Guide To DisneyLand Paris

Guide To DisneyLand Paris
Alice in Wonderland Curious Labyrinth

Whether you’re planning your first visit to Disneyland Paris or coming back, you will want your visit to be as perfect as possible. For that, a little bit of planning and a few tips can do the difference. Besides, I think it’s always interesting to know things about a place you’re going to visit, even if it’s just a theme park!


There are three options:

  1. If you’re visiting by car you can obviously drive to Disneyland Paris, by taking the A. The park has different parking for its customers to use. Whether you only took your car to drive there for the time of a day trip or if you’re staying there a couple of days.
    Price of the parking:

  2.  The second option is public transportation. If you don’t have a car there is a train line called RER A that goes directly from the centre of Paris to Disneyland, it’s super easy to get the direction. As soon as you reach the line A you just have to look for the Mickey sign and hop onto a train.
    Note: be careful not all RER A stops at Disneyland even if you’re on the right station and direction, make sure to check the screen to see if a little light box with the Marne-La-Vallée Disney is lit.

  3. Your last option would be to take the Disney shuttle if you don’t fancy enduring public transportation. However, the shuttles only depart from early in the morning and leave the park at 20h30 (8:30 pm) They’re not the most flexible option but it the traffic is smooth it’s much nicer than the RER and you should make it at the opening of the park. You have to buy them with your ticket on the Disneyland website.
    Price: 89€ for one person for one park.
daytrip to disneyland paris

If you’re travelling from London with the Eurostar keep in my mind that there’s a train station there that do the journey from Disneyland to London. So it saves you the hassle of travelling to the city centre and then to Disneyland.

The same applies if you’re taking the train from any other cities in France to go to Disneyland, you can stop directly at Marne-La-Vallée.


Disneyland Paris is composed of two parks, the main park, Parc Disneyland created in 1992 and the “Parc Walt Disney Studio” who opened 10 years later in 2002.

« To all who enter the studio of dreams, welcome. The Walt Disney Studios is dedicated to our timeless fascination and affection for cinema and for television. Here we celebrate the art and the artistry of storytelling from Europe and around the world to create the magic in a special place through our own memories of the past and our dreams of the future. » 
Michael D Eisner about Walt Disney Studio.

The park decorations change through the year and the seasons. It also changes for special events, such as the anniversary of the park, Halloween and Christmas.

Dineyland Paris is composed of 5 areas:

-Maint Street U.S.A
– Frontierland
– Discoveryland – where the Star Wars rides are!

To know more about what each areas has to offers you can check the interactive map!


  • Buy your Ticket Online
    There is always tons of discount throughout the year (Halloween, Christmas, Summer…) regarding the tickets. You can check on Fnac for example. The Disneyland website of the park also offers some discounts.
    Also, by buying online prior to your visit you save yourself some time by avoiding the potential queue at the counter.
    You can either buy a ticket for one park, or for the two parks. Going to Disneyland is a consequent budget (especially if you plan to stay overnight or with kids), so, saving there and there can help.
  • Use Fastpass
    Although, while that’s a good tip some famous ride such as Crush’s Coaster, for example, don’t use the FastPass and the queue can easily reach 100min, it’s best to do this first.
    A good thing to do is to take a FastPass for a ride that has them and queue in the meantime to do another ride you’d like to do.
    If you like coasters a good thing to do is to check Indiana Jones in Adventure, the queue is often less compared to other rides due to its location.

    Avoid Peak Season
  • If you can avoid public holidays (you can see the dates here) and summer season as those are the moment the park is overcrowded. It’s not the most enjoyable. There will always be a crowd at Disneyland, but, for like a lot of things it’s best to avoid peak season.
    Your best bet to have a quiet day and don’t queue too much is to come on a weekday.

  • Be Aware of the Weather
    It may sound silly but check the weather around the time you want to visit, you may not be able to predict 100% accurately the weather, although that will definitely help you to pack what you need for your day in Disney. If it rains you may also want to re-schedule if possible. Although rain means fewer people in the park.

  • Opening and closing hours of the Parks
    Some attractions don’t have the same opening and closing hours as the park you check the hours at City Hall (Disneyland) or Studio Services (Disney Studio). Also, if you’re staying at a Disney Hotel during your stay you can access the park earlier than the other customers.

  • One Park or Two Park in one day?
    It is doable to visit both parks in one day in case of low affluence, although, you won’t be able to fully explore them. You can surely do the main rides of both parks with good planning.  
    I strongly recommend taking two days if you do not wish to rush around though. That way you won’t feel like you have to prioritise some attractions or places, and you can take your sweet time.

  • Get the Disneyland App!
    This way you can navigate around the park more easily and be updated in real time about what’s happening if a ride close for example. You can also check how long the queue for each ride is and so on! It’s pretty useful.

What To Pack For Disneyland Paris?

Of course, what to pack for Disneyland vary a lot during the time of the year you decide to visit the theme park. I compiled a non-exhaustive list of items to bring to the park throughout the year. Then it’s up to you to add them or withdraw them from your packing list but I think they are the most useful items to bring with you. Like anything else you may need you could find it in the park.

  • Backpack – it’s best to bring a backpack as it is the less annoying thing to carry. It can also be easily tucked in between your legs in the ride, even the rollercoasters.
  • Portable Charger – chances are you will take a lot of pictures on your phone through the day so your battery might die. Also if you use the Disney App. So a portable charger is a good item!
  • Rain Coat – sorry to disappoint, but, it’s Paris, you can never know when the weather might become moody. Better be safe than sorry!
  • Sunnies – they can be useful in all seasons you can never know if the sun decides to shine!
  • Steel Water Bottle – Definitely bring your own water bottle instead of buying an overpriced one, there’s fountain scattered around the park where you can fill them.

Fun Facts About Disneyland Paris:

  • Space Moutain at Disneyland Paris is the fastest out of them all.
  • Main Street gets narrower towards the end to give you the impression that the Sleeping Beauty Castle is far away.
  • Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts is a real shop, you can get your beard trimmed at Disney.
  • The Park has a collection of 250 thousand outfits!
  • The castle in Paris is based on Sleeping Beauty is the only one who has a dragon in its basement.

I have been to Disneyland Tokyo and made a comparison between the two parks if you’d like to read it you can find them in my Quick Guide To Disneyland Tokyo!

What I haven’t done, yet, is any of the Disneyland Parks you can find in the U.S. If you wish to know more here are 10 Tip Tips About Disneyland Resort, California.

That’s a wrap on my Disneyland Paris guide if you like a good theme park and animation even if you’re not a Disney fan. Disneyland Paris is still a great day trip! And if you are a Disney fan I hope you look forward to your Disney trip, hopefully this Disneyland guide helped you!


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    Such a detailed guide on Disney Land. This is the perfect comprehensive and well documented guide anyone needs for visiting Disneyland.

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    What a great guide! I always forget about Disneyland Paris but it looks so fun! Maybe I’ll visit next time! And would.love to see how fast space Mountain is for myself.

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    I grew up in florida and went to Disney world in Orlando many times. Still puts the biggest smile on my face. Hope I can visit all of the Disney Worlds someday. Thanks for the insight!

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