5 Best Paris Travel Apps To Plan The Perfect Trip

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There’s plenty of travel apps to help you out plan and make the most of your upcoming trip. Paris is no exceptions for this, with its many amazing landmarks and countless of activities scattered throughout the city you will definitely need a bit of help! Here are the 5 best Paris Travel apps to plan your trip to the French capital.

5 Best Paris Travel Apps To Plan The Perfect Trip


One of the app you will use the most during your trip if you plan to use the metro to get around the city.
Which you will at some point as it is really convenient to get from one point to another. Even though I still think one of the most effective ways to explore a city is by walking and getting lost!

With the RATP app you can get every itinerary you need from point A to B. With the différents options you can choose which transportation you want to use Metro, Bus, Team or even Velib (bicycle to rent on the street). It’s a very convenient and basic app that nearly all the Parisians uses to know itinerary or to know the timetables.

Best Paris Travel Apps

You can also check the online RATP website.


One thing you should never assume when travelling to a non-English speaking country is that everyone will be able to speak English. Sure English is a worldwide language but that doesn’t mean everyone does.

So its best for you to know at least a few words, a little effort can go a long way! If you get a Larousse dictionary you can be sure to get every word you need to know no matter what the situation. Not only it’s one of the best Paris travel apps but it’s useful everywhere in France

If you’d like to read some more about French here are 20 useful travel sentences to know!


La Fourchette or the fork in English is the best app to help you decide where to eat by finding out the best restaurants!

Not only this app helps out with the rating and to discover new places, but you can also book directly from it as well as get a discount. Which is great to keep a budget during your trip to Paris, as it can get quickly pricey, and indulge yourself at the same time.

You may also discover some great restaurants you may have not if you’re looking at a traditional Paris travel guide.


City mapper is another travel itinerary that can be very useful when you visit Paris. If you plan to use more than just the Parisian metro and explore further than Paris this app will help you out in a more detailed way than the RATP one.

It gives you the price of your journey as well as the minutes and even the calories you’ll burn if you decide to take the bike or walk! You can also find the duration it would take on several taxis company such as Uber or G7.

If you use the metro it will also let you know if it’s best to get on at the front middle or back depending on where you’ll get off to be as close as possible as the exit. Pretty amazing!

Best Paris Travel Apps


This app however not specially dedicated to Paris is nonetheless super useful if you’re visiting Paris. With spotted by locals you’ll be able to find great off the beaten path activity in Paris to fully immerse yourself in the city, like a local.

You will find some places and things to do you’d have never suspected the existence of. I am a local myself and I also find some new stuff myself there from time to time!

That’s a wrap for my 5 best Paris travel apps, now all you have to do is to download them and get ready for your perfect trip to Paris. All you have to do is go out to find all the spots you want to check out and enjoy your Parisian adventure.

5 Best Paris Travel Apps To Plan The Perfect Trip

It doesn't take much to plan the perfect trip to Paris, France. You might need a little bit of help to complete everything on your bucketlist though, and what's better than travel apps to help you! With those 5 travel apps you will be able to do the best activities in Paris and eat at the best restaurants. Enjoy Paris like a local! #TravelDestinations #traveltips #paris #france
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  1. 16/09/2019 / 13:29

    France is on my list of places to re visit next year so these apps will deff help! I’m loving the Spotted by locals app. Had never heard of it before – (just downloaded it and I’m a bit guttered it goesn’t have cities in Australia as locations yet 🙁 ) oh well – for Paris it is!

    • Lyne
      12/10/2019 / 10:03

      I’m sure Australian cities will come soon enough! I hope you enjoy your next trip to Paris!

  2. Unicorn
    15/02/2020 / 02:28

    Nice! I’m always on the lookout for good travel apps. They seem to change from city so it’s really handy to have a list of apps that locale-specific. Thanks! ☺️

  3. 22/02/2020 / 03:33

    I’m heading to Paris in May and will definitely be downloading all of these apps before I go. La Fourchette sounds amazing! I always have a struggle picking restaurant while travelling, and this app will solve all my problems! Love it.

  4. josypheen
    09/05/2020 / 18:16

    Oooh La Fourchette is very helpful. It is always great to find out about the apps that locals use! 😀

    I already love City Mapper too…and now I need to find spotted by a local. That sounds like it could be useful anywhere in the world!

  5. Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks
    09/05/2020 / 22:28

    These are such great tips, thanks for sharing! I especially like the last one, Spotted by locals, as I’m always eager to seek out less touristy places 🙂

  6. 10/05/2020 / 21:26

    I have only been to Paris once (about 9 years ago) so will have to go back and use these apps one day! 🙂

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