20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

Bristol is a quirky vibrant hub located in the South-West of England. And a city where I was not only lucky to visit a few times but also live in for two months back at the end of 2017.

To make it short, it’s an amazing city! That’s why I compiled 18 photos to inspire you to visit Bristol! Just in case you weren’t convinced yet, I mean, some people are visuals after all.
And what’s better than some stunning photos to inspire you to visit the city and show you an insight into the top things to do in Bristol and its landmark!

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

Bristol is one of the biggest city in the South-West, rich of culture with an interesting history dotted all around the city architecture and a strong musical as well as art scene. It’s also been an important trading centre since the 12th century.

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

When I lived in Bristol, I had plenty of time to explore the main attractions and landmarks of the city. As well as a few great day trips, but, that’s not the topic of today. I will get there eventually though, so, stay stuned!

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol
20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

If you go to Bristol there’s no way you can miss on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, it’s an iconic feature of the city. Every summer the International Balloon Fiesta is happing over the Avon river.

Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to see the Balloon Fiesta yet, hopefully, this year!

Another landmark is the Cathedral pictured aboved, with that you can add Brandon Hill, Cabot Tower, Bristol Museum (and the M shed which I sadly don’t have any photos of) and you almost have every must see of Bristol!

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol
20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

Take a day trip to Bristol

Is what you are seeing so far making you feel inspired to plan a trip to Bristol? Then you should check out my Bristol day trip itinerary as a starter!

I said Bristol had an important art scene right?

Well, you can find a lot of street art scattered all over the city. One of the most famous one being the break dancing Jesus and the cheating woman.
Really though, there are so many cool pieces scattered all over the city, it’s always pleasant to wander around the city and stumble on some street art. A lot of pieces can be found in Stoke Croft.

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

The old city of Bristol and St Nicholas Market, one of my favourite place in the city with Brandon Hill.
The market has the best food stole you can find in town, the diversity of the food you can find there, is, amazing. As well as the whole food scene in the city as a matter of fact.

Who doesn’t love colourful houses? Well Totterdown and Hotwells are the places you need to check for this!

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

One more reason that makes Bristol a great city to visit.

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

Bristol is a harbourside city, so there were no way this post would be complete without some beautiful photos of the harbourside and its activities. One of the main activity to do there is visiting the S.S Great Brtain

20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol
20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

This is the last photo of this photos diary to inspire you to visit Bristol! I hope you’re convinced and will give this brilliant city a shot !

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20 Photos To Inspire You To Visit Bristol

A Bristol Photos Diary to inspire you visit this quirky vibrant city located in the South West of England. A perfect getaway in the UK. #photography #England #Bristol #travel


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  1. 25/04/2019 / 00:24

    I’m sold! I lived in London for a couple of years and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t visit Bristol while I was there! I would have loved to visit the Cathedral and the Bristol museum…. and of course eat some of those cupcakes!

  2. 25/04/2019 / 02:55

    These pictures are amazing! I love the street art pictures and the one of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I’ve been to Bristol and absolutely loved it.

  3. 25/04/2019 / 04:18

    You’ve definitely convinced me with these photos. I love those colorful houses! And that street art of the person dangling form the widow made me do a double take!

  4. Lynn
    25/04/2019 / 05:16

    Great photos! My favourite is the stained-glass rose window similar to the one in Notre Dame. I love when people share highlights of a small town to visit outside of the main cities – I feel like this offers a truer cultural experience. Will have to add Bristol to my list when I am in the UK.

  5. 25/04/2019 / 06:45

    Bristol sounds like amazing city with a lot of things to do! I really like your pictures, it seems like I can spend there a weekend at least. And the art scene looks truly interesting.

  6. Jean
    25/04/2019 / 07:18

    I love these older styled buildings. The architecture is simply stunning. I wish we had more buildings like that in Australia. These photos did inspire me to plan a visit to Bristol

  7. 25/04/2019 / 13:28

    Wow, Bristol looks really fantastic. I love all the brightly coloured houses and street art. And I could probably eat those cupcakes for days! This would be just a great trip from London!

  8. 25/04/2019 / 14:48

    There’s so many trips from London I want to do, and now Bristol has been added to my list! Looks so nice and I had no idea it’d be so colourful.

  9. 25/04/2019 / 19:16

    This place looks amazing! Beautiful photos. Definitely going on my travel wish list.

  10. 26/04/2019 / 16:23

    I haven’t been to Bristol and would love to see this harbour side city. Clifton Suspension Bridge is indeed beautiful.

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