4 Days Trip In England; Bristol, Bath, Oxford.

4 Days Trip In England

Back in February my friend and I took a spontaneous, yet no so spontaneous, four days trip to the UK and more precisely England. Obviously, the title already gives away which cities we visited, although just in case, during those four days we visited Bristol (where we stayed) Bath and Oxford!

My friend and I left a cold Paris on Saturday the 10th of February. While at the airport, waiting to board on our flight which was slightly late, because well, it’s EasyJet (I love EasyJet, but my flights have all always been delayed) we happened to witness the one thing that every traveller is probably dreading inside when travelling with a checked-in bag. It is having your luggage lost.

One of the mini car carrying the bags to the plane lost one baggage and didn’t notice, and it wasn’t picked up until nearly 20min after.  The scene was quite funny; unfortunately, I doubt the poor person with no luggage at its arrival destination found that funny.

I’m sorry for you stranger, and I hope you get your luggage shortly after 

A short flight later and we were in the charming harbour city of Bristol, which I had left only two months prior when I stayed there to study English (to be honest, studying there was fun, so it was a neat two months “holidays”) 

4 Days Trip In England; Bristol, Bath, Oxford.

During this trip our starting and ending point was the city of Bristol, one of the principal town in the South-West of England, it was also our base. 
As the other two cities we were planning to visit were only a short distance away, there were easily doable as a day trip, so it saved us the struggle of booking more than one hotel and carrying our pieces of luggage with, waiting to check in again and so on. Time saver!

We stayed at the Clifton Hotel; a small and sweet hotel niched on the top of Clifton Hill. 

Walking your way up every night is a pretty good work out, plus you save on buying bus ticket! Not that bus is really expensive if you only stay for a few days, but, walking around Bristol is really nice, so I really recommend it.

Day 1: Settling in Bristol 

4 Days Trip In England
Bristol Museum

Our first stop was Bristol, where we stayed for the entire duration of our stay in England, as I previously wrote above. I left Bristol in December and was really missing this quirky city, so, I was really happy to be back and show it to my friend.

We arrived in the afternoon which left us a bit of time to explore the city for the rest of the day once we had settled in our hotel up the hill in Clifton.
The ride from the airport to the centre is pretty easy, all you have to do is to hop into the shuttle and you’re in the city.

Shuttle Price: Way Round £11

We didn’t do much though as by the time we were settled it was nearly 18h so we decided to have dinner and it then strolls near the harbourside.


Day 2: Exploring Bath

4 days trip in England

On our second day, we went to Bath a bit later in the morning after exploring some more of Bristol (Brandon Hill/Cabot Tower).
Bath is a UNESCO heritage city, also one of the best day trip you can take from Bristol, not only this city is full of history, with a charming architecture (bath stones are amazing!) and super quaint.
It’s also only 8min away by train. Definitely not a destination to miss!

Walking around Bath is the best way to discover the city, to just get lost and explore the quintessence of the town.

Here are the activities we did on our day trip to Bath:

  • Bath Cathedral
  • The Roman Bath
  • The Circus
  • The Royal Crescent

And of course, the Pulteney Bridge. One of the most photographed landmark in Bath. It’s also great to take a walk along the Avon River. There’s also a cute indoor market right next to it!

Bath is undeniably one of my favourite city of the U.K I have visited so far, I am always happy to come back there!

If you’d like to know more about what to do in Bath in one day you can read my Bath day trip itinerary!

Day 3: Visiting Colleges at Oxford 

Oxford was a first for both of us, we took a train early in the morning and one hour or so after we set foot in one of the most collegial cities in the United Kingdom with a lot of excitement. Despite how cold it was that day.

Being in Oxford you must visit the colleges, so, this is what we did!
Some which I forgot the name of and some I really liked and didn’t forget like Christ Church.
It is one of the main “attraction” of the city and probably one of the most visited colleges I reckon.

Obviously, Oxford is a great destination in the UK if you’re a Harry Potter fan, like us.
There are a lot of items you can cross for your Harry Potter Bucket List in Oxford:

– Bodleian Library – also the second biggest library in the UK.
– Divinity School – a stunning room which was also Hogwart hospital wing in Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and Harry Potter and the philosopher stone.
– Duke Humfrey’s Library – which is only possible to visit by tour.
– Christ Church – the college will make you feel like you stepped right into Hogwart!

Curious to know more in detail about what to do in Oxford in one day then check out my day trip itinerary!

Day 4: Hello again, Bristol

Bristol Cathedral

Last day of this trip, so, obviously we didn’t have any more day trip planned aside from staying in the city and explore it a bit further for my friend to see more of this quirky city that is Bristol.

That day we hit the main landmarks of the city, such as Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Observatory and the Giant Cave. And of course, Clifton Village which is nearby and has a lot of shops and restaurant. b
Afterwards, we moved on to Bristol Museum. As we headed down the hill, we made a stop at the Cathedral, a really gorgeous gothic cathedral.

Finally, we explored the harbourside to walk all the way to the old Bristol and St Nicholas Market. This market is a must check! Especially the cake stole, they have the best cakes, if you want to treat yourself to some cheeky cake this is the place to go.

Quite a packed day to be honest! If you’d like more pieces of information about Bristol you can check my 24hours itinerary to plan your own day trip to Bristol!

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This concludes our 4 days trip in England. As the day after we had to go back to Paris and only hanged around Cabot Circus before leaving for the airport. Nothing thrilling. But that’s okay, this trip was full of good things so half a day off isn’t bad.


4 Days Trip in England. A short travel visiting Bristol, Bath and the quaint city of Oxford. Found out what to do in those city in a fun travel diary. #oxfrod #bath #bristol #travel #traveldiary



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