How To Survive Long Haul Flight Tips

Long Haul Flight Tips

I have this kind of love/hate relationship when it comes to flying. I’m not afraid of travelling by plane at all, I actually even really enjoy it, especially the takeoff.
You get to be up in the air watching the cloud -if you have a window seat that it- before you reach your destination and there’s something really soothing about it.
But now, when it comes to long haul flight while the first few hours into the flight might goes on okay the rest of it may seem a little bit tough to live through.

Maybe you never flew a long haul flight so this will also give you some sort of insight and what to expect, and, of course, how to survive a long haul flight tips edition!

How To Survive Long Haul Flight Tips

How To Survive Long Haul Flight Tips


Okay, this might seems to be obvious, but I can assure it’s not for everyone, as much as I can understand that you might want to stay “stylish” remember you can be comfy and stylish.

Trust me on the plane no one cares about your clothes, and if you’re travelling for 8+ hours in a pretty narrow space you need that comfiness. Also, you can travel in comfy clothes and bring a change of nicer clothes if you want to change once you landed.

Besides today’s fashion, there is plenty of comfy loungewear or sportswear, like clothes that are stylish. Now, of course, you don’t have to buy a brand new outfit of comfy/stylish clothes (unless you wish to I guess) you probably have everything you need in your closet, sweatpants or shorts, some comfy shoes, I’m not really into running style trainer but I love the Adidas Superstar! I’ve mine for 3 years and a half now and I still travel and walk around with them a lot!
Complete the look with a simple top and a hoodie and that’s an outfit something I really like to wear. Or an overall, as I love the front pocket to keep my stuff in!


The number one tip for everything, be it, your carry on, your check-in bag, your backpack or anything really. Do not o-v-e-r-p-a-c-k.
At the moment of filling your carry on or bag with goodies and things, you might consider useful, either because your stressed or not. Think twice for everything you put inside your bag.
It might later become something you will regret packing and will have to carry around for your whole journey. And, believe me, overpacking can quickly turn your bag into a mess, it’s not fun at all.

To avoid turning your bag into a cluster disaster it’s best to do a list and then display everything you plan on bringing with you and checking as you pack all those things if they really serve a purpose, they shouldn’t be here if the reason behind them is “but what if…” no, you won’t. Only bring the necessary.


Planes nowadays, depending on which company you travel with, offers you some great entertaining features on your seat screen. Such as movies, games and different kinds of music.
Although not every company and planes have those features, you may not have has a screen. Also, even if they do have it that may not be interested, so, just in case it’s good to bring one thing to keep you away from boredom.

It’s good to at least bring something that you know will keep you entertained for a bit. A book or a kindle, if you like to read, are a good option.
If you’re more into watching series or very specific movies and have an iPad or any tablets, you can download on Netflix shows to watch. Or download games that can be used without internet.

That’s what I like to do or making a special playlist to listen while I doodle or write to do list or whatever in a little notebook. Bringing a journal to keep a travel diary is also a great way to keep you entertained while documenting your journey!



Long Haul Flight Tips
Plane food p*rn. Not.

This is very important, plane cabin air is really dry. It’s best to stay well hydrated on long haul flights, you will feel the need to drink very quickly anyway.
Services onboard offer you drinks and water, you can ask them for more at any time during the flight, but, personally I like to have my own stainless steel water bottle so I can drink anytime without moving or having to call someone.

Stretch is also a good thing to keep the blood in your body running well, you can possibly stretch your arm on your seat, granted you have enough space but it’s a bit trickier for your lower body.
I usually stretch every time I go to the toilet and try to walk a little around the alley if I can. Don’t worry about looking silly, no ones care, really, and you will probably see some other people stretching their legs and their back as well. Seating for so long on a seat is hard on your body!


It’s a bit tricky to know if you have never flown long distances before if you’ll be sick or not in the plane. Although if you know that you usually get sickness motion or are sick generally it might be best for you to check with your pharmacy to help you deal with this.

You could also check out for something to soothe you before the flight if you’re extremely anxious/nervous about it. Always remember that nothing bad will happens to you, you got this!

It’s good to make a little list of what you wish to take with you on the plane without bringing anything unnecessary, it’s annoying to carry useless stuff!
Also, remember that liquid cannot be taken after the custom, so your drink would go straight to the bin! Buy one after, or better, bring a water bottle with you. Most of the airports have water dispenser where you can fill your water bottle.


FInd out How To Survive Long Haul Flight Tips! Whether it's your first time flying or your second time flying and the first time didn't go well here are some travel tips to help make your travel a little smoother, so maybe you can enjoy the flight to your destination! #travel #traveltips #longhaulflight #traveldestinations
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  1. 13/03/2019 / 18:07

    Great tips! As somebody who has been on a fair share of long haul flights, I can’t disagree with any of these tips! What’s the longest flight you’ve been on? I think mine was 15 hours from Doha to Chicago. It was brutal!

    • Lyne
      21/03/2019 / 02:22

      Wow, 15 hours! My longest flight was 13 hours one from Tokyo to Doha, quite a killer too!

  2. 13/04/2019 / 22:25

    Stretching and staying hydrated is something I definitely need to work on when it comes to long-haul flights! Great tips 🙂

  3. 14/04/2019 / 05:03

    Great post! I don’t know HOW people wear flashy outfits and heels on long flights, so not my thing. I agree that you can be stylish and comfortable, I always wear some type of patterned soft pants and shoes that are easy to take on and off. I like the idea of bringing a reusable water bottle because the flight attendants (understandably so) can take SO long to get to you. The beverage cart never actually moves LOL. Agree that staying hydrated is incredibly important, the only bad part is – more bathroom trips!

  4. Kamree
    28/05/2019 / 20:31

    I love flying, but I always try to have a good book that I’m excited to read so I can keep myself occupied during the flight! xo -Kam

    • Lyne
      31/05/2019 / 19:35

      That’s a good idea! x

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