Perfect day trip from Paris, Fontainebleau Castle


The sun is coming back, so isn’t it the perfect weather to wander around Fontainebleau Castle?

There’s a lot of day trip that you can take from Paris, one them being Fontainebleau, I did visit it a while ago with my friend on a beautiful sunny day.

While it might not be considered as luxury as Versailles Castle for some, I can tell you this is definitely worth the day trip.
One of the many perks that make Fontainebleau castle worth the visit is that it is a less touristy landmark near Paris, this means you won’t be surrounded by around a thousand people, and not being able to walk more than 5cm per minutes. Which is, believe it or not pretty amazing. Also, the queue goes by pretty fast which is extremely pleasing.

Besides, the castle interior architecture is just as detailed and inspiring. So if you don’t add it on your Bucket List you’ll be missing on something.

Fontainebleau castle was built during the XIIth to XIXth century and was home for several royals. Although it is mostly remembered as Napoleon the 1st second property as he was one of the most famous important people.

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When you first get off the bus you have to through a vast garden before you actually make it to the entrance of the castle.
You can sit on one of the many benches to enjoy a snack, your lunch or simply for a walk around as the garden is really nice, obviously, it’s nothing like Versailles’ Garden but it’s nice in its own way.

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The castle architecture and decorations are truly beautiful. Every piece of art displays across Fontainebleau give the castle’s spacious rooms an unique atmosphere.
Every pieces and room are very well explained with what they were used for, and for which royals actually occupied the rooms etc… Although, if you don’t like to read you can always get the audio tour option for a couple more euros.

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This clock can be found at the very end of the tour, the picture does not give it any justice at all nor looks pretty as you can literally see my silly self in the reflection. However it is absolutely gorgeous, so well detailed I HAD to include it in my post.

How to Access ↠  Train @ Gare de Lyon then Bus Line 1
Shuttles with PARISCityVISION
Car – A6
How to get the ticket ↠  If you’re a European Citizen under 26 you can visit a                                                                         circuit for free. Otherwise, the ticket is 11€.

Tell me, have you ever been to Fontainebleau Castle? Would you want to visit it? 

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  1. 22/05/2017 / 02:30

    I was just at the Fontainebleau this past March, revisiting it after almost three years. While I agree that it’s not as big or as crazy popular as Versailles, nevertheless it remains a worthwhile day trip from Paris!

  2. 14/06/2017 / 05:33

    It’s beautiful! And you took amazing photos! I love it! Even if I cannot pronounce the name of the castle 🙈 french always has been a challenge for me.
    Anyway, definitely I want go there! 😊

  3. 11/02/2018 / 00:33

    French people did have something with architecture and good style! Beautiful pictures 🙂

  4. 11/02/2018 / 03:22

    I love paris and the surrounding areas. I haven’t visited Fontainebleau but it looks gorgeous and I think it would be well worth the trip. I love historical sights and castles and the gardens here also look gorgeous!

  5. mccaullme
    11/02/2018 / 15:21

    That architecture is absolutely gorgeous! What a great place to see. Thanks for sharing!

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