How To Spend New Year Eve In London – Fireworks

To prepare New Year Eve sometimes you need to plan out in advance, spontaneity might be charming, but if you’re actually planning on spending out the New Year Eve in London, then you will need to plan out in advance to have everything going smoothly without stressing.

If you plan to spend New Year Eve in London to watch the fireworks here is what you need to know to plan this out based on my experience about London NYE fireworks!

How To Spend New Year Eve In London & the Fireworks

For some reason, I have never seen any fireworks in Paris for the new year eve.  I tried a few years ago to celebrate it at the Champs Elysee but it was quite underwhelming, to be honest.
New Year in London always had had some appeal to me, the idea to start the new year in London with firework over the Thames was quite magical. So to start 2017 on a blast some friends and I decided to take the leap and plan our trip to London to spend the new year eve there and see the fireworks.

31st December 2016

We arrived in London very early in the morning @ Gatwick Airport. Most of the low-cost flights to London from Europe usually lands either in Gatwick or Luton.
For our stay, a total of 3 days and two nights we spend 170€, including the plane, which I think was pretty cheap for this period of the year. Of course, it could have been cheaper by travelling by bus from Paris and then staying at a hostel.

Paris to London: Bus, Train or Plane? Read more 

At this point, all we have to do was to check-in at our hotel later on. Since everything else has been planned out since September.

Let me explain why; you can’t just walk in and sit wherever you want around the Thames to watch the firework, to avoid issues and regulates how many people come in the city of London is selling tickets a few months before the venue.
Although I am pretty sure a lot of free viewing spot might exist however they’re probably as much if not even more crowded than the actual venue.


The tickets are on sales really early. For the 2017 fireworks it was at the beginning of the month of October and for the 2018 fireworks tickets were on sale early September.
You can sign up for the newsletter to know exactly when the tickets will sell out. As the date of the sale change every year. But it’s roughly around September and October most of the time.
They sell really quick so don’t miss it out! Also, you can only buy up to 4 tickets per person. So if you’re more than 4 people be sure to have at least two persons trying to buy the tickets.

Each has a different colour code. We picked the red area as…well the tickets sold out pretty quickly and that was pretty much the only area left.

Price: £10

You can buy the tickets here.

Although if you do miss it out, like my friend and I when I was planning for it because you’re airheaded sometimes and life gets in the way.
No worries, there’s the second sale later on with some more tickets, but the website is really laggy then. I guess it’s just as laggy on the first sale as well though. So better try and buy your tickets on the first sale just to be safe.

Spend NYE in London
Camden Market at Night

New Year Eve in London – Before the fireworks

If you plan on going to eat at the restaurant, just like in most of the big cities you should book up a table beforehand. Most of the restaurants even the tiniest one will be crowded.
A lot of Brits and tourists are in town this last day of the year, I mean even more than usual. Hence if you hope to get a table without prior research and booking you’ll be disappointed. You need to book for a table if you want to eat dinner in a restaurant.

We personnally opted for a simple dinner and games at the hotel, before we headed out around 10 pm to go to the firework get a spot. Of course a lot of people were already there so the best spots were taken, but anyway, none of us fancied to wait for more than 2h only to see a firework in the cold of England.


Do I really need to tell you what you have to do during the fireworks?

ENJOY YOURSELF.  It’s that easy. Do it for you, not for Instagram pictures or god knows what.
I don’t really have any nice shots of the fireworks for two reasons, I suck at taking night pictures, and I really couldn’t be bothered to try to set my camera. I just wanted to enjoy the moment with my friends.
Plus, our location wasn’t that great with the bridge right in front of us anyway.

But I got to cross it off my 2017 Bucket List.

New Year in London After The Fireworks

Now, if you’re actually want to go out in a pub or clubbing, most of the places on new year eve charges some entrances fees. Also, remember that not all tubes stations are opened around the area of the fireworks

We weren’t too keen on spending that much money, so we hang around for a bit and eventually went back to our hotel.

Also, bear in mind that not every line of the tube is open. So it might be wise to check this beforehand.

We did walk around the area after the fireworks – and got lost. So despite us knowing about this, it took us quite some time to find another station to go back to our hotel.

But we got to see some Christmas decorations and cool people so at least that wasn’t too bad. I just wish I didn’t play it fancy by wearing heels because even if they’re actually comfy when you walk for around 3 hours, it hurts.

We had an extra day before we back home in Paris because we didn’t want to fly straight back home on the 1st as that would have been tiring and going to London without wandering around would be sad!

Overall it is an enjoyable event. Although as I wrote above the place you pick might make your experience of the firework change, however, keep in mind that the most important thing is that you actually have fun and enjoy your night if you’re going to see the London NYE fireworks.

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All the tips you need to know to plan your perfect new year eve trip in London to see the firework over the Thames, Big Ben and London Eyes. #travel #london #europe


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  1. 03/02/2018 / 21:00

    Wow, I would love to spend NYE in a big city like London and see the fireworks! I didn’t even think about the entrance fees on a popular night like this for clubs/bars. Good to know/plan for! This seemed like an unforgettable NYE!

  2. 04/02/2018 / 00:35

    I done a post just like this of my experience back in 2012! I was one of the last years before they started charging for tickets! I took me 5 hours to get back home…which is 4 HOURS more than what it would normally take! I agree though, the fireworks were awesome! My camera battery died half way through and I’m kinda glad it did so I could experience it without looking through a lens!

    • Lyne
      05/02/2018 / 14:07

      Wow 5 hours, that’s crazy 😮 That’s another kind of adventure ahah. Yeah to experience it without having to worry whether or not you’ll have a good shot is the best way !

  3. 04/02/2018 / 01:24

    I lived in London for a year and got to experience NYE too! The fireworks are outstanding! I haven’t seen better fireworks yet. Every year when we go out to see the July 14 fireworks here in the US, we tend to remember the London fireworks and talk about how nothing compares to that experience. 🙂

    Parul |

    • Lyne
      05/02/2018 / 14:12

      Yes, NYE in London is a great experience 🙂 Really ?! I always thought those fireworks would be something huge and outstanding ahah.

  4. 04/02/2018 / 02:45

    Seriously, isn’t Camden Town the best? I love that place. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    • Lyne
      05/02/2018 / 14:07

      I agree Camden Town is a great ! Even more with the festive decorations !

  5. 04/02/2018 / 10:21

    London is just such an amazing city at any time of year, but New Year’s would for sure be an extra special time to be there. Nice pics!

  6. 05/02/2018 / 19:37

    wow, you really do have to get tickets early! October that seems insane! But what a beautiful place to ring in the New Year! I bet those fireworks were just amazing to watch!!

  7. 10/11/2019 / 17:29

    That looks awesome. Glad you enjoyed NYE in London.

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