Long Haul Flight Carry On: 10 Travel Essentials

Long Haul Flight Carry on

Packing for a long haul flight can be tricky, especially when it comes to packing your carry on. If you are travelling by plane chances are you will have a carry on with you. Either small luggage or a backpack or even an oversized handbag could do the job, it’s really up to you! Now, what you will carry with you on your journey is not the regular content might be a little different than normal.

So, you’re probably wondering ” What you should I pack in my carry on?”

And rightfully so! Long haul flights carry on needs to be packed carefully.

Everyone loves to carry their bits and bobs that’s why I decided I would put a travel list including my 10 travel essentials to pack in your carry on!


what to pack in your carry on travel essentials

The first thing to always keep in mind whenever you’re packing your carry on no matter where you are going is to remember to never make an unorganised mess.
You want it to be packed as efficiently as possible to avoid struggling to find what you’re looking for. You’re not Marry Poppins.

Another tip before we hop into my travel essentials you need to pack with you when you travel is to find the adequate carry on for you!
It can, of course, be fashionable, it should also be something quite easy to carry around, pockets are also really cool. It’s best if it closes with a zipper to keep your belonging safe.
Obviously, you can use one without a zipper, I do it quite often with my Grafea backpack that I adore, but, it’s best to be careful.

Having the right carry on for you is a great starter, now let’s see what you shall pack inside it!


Okay so this one is probably common sense but you need to make sure that you have every document you will need through the trip.

To make sure you don’t leave anything behind at home or accidentally check-in in your luggage it’s best to make a checklist.
Those documents can be the following:
– Passport/ID
– Plane Tickets (unless you have them in your phone!)
– Your Visa if your destination need one
– Credit/Debit Card and foreign currency
– Proof of accommodation/hotel booking

And so on!

what's in my carry on


The air inside the plane is very dry so staying well hydrated throughout the flight is important.
Of course, you can buy a water bottle after you’ve been through the customs at the airport.
But, 1- it’s usually super pricey and 2- it’s better to use a reusable bottle than single plastic use bottle.
Nowadays nearly all airports have fountains so you can refill your water for free there if you have a steel water bottle. And in case you are worried that a steel water bottle may take to much space then you can get yourself a collapsible water bottle!

There’s a lot of useful items you can use whenever you travel for yourself or to gift to somebody, you should check out my travel gift guide!

A lot of airlines do offer little blanket on long haul flight, but in case they don’t at least you’ve got your back covered (literally).
This way you can use the blanket for your legs. That’s what I do!


If you’re travelling with anything valuable then it must stay with you in your carry-on. Granted that it can.

Whenever you check in a bag you should assume that you may not see whatever is inside against. I mean, sure, that’s a bit pessimistic way to think but at least you’ll be thinking twice before checking in your bag something valuable. As we say better be safe than sorry.

Of course, if it’s something like important medications then it should be on you at all time in case of an emergency when you wouldn’t have time, and you absolutely shouldn’t anyway, to get it in your luggage.


Long haul flight are they are named are long, so you’ll need to bring with you some stuff to keep you entertained.
Most companies nowadays have a screen and onboard entertainment so you don’t need to plan much if you’d like to just watch movies or series.
But some low-cost companies do not offer onboard entertainment with a screen, so better have something on you. Besides, you know best what will entertain the most.
Whether it’s a good book you’ve been waiting to read for a while so you’ll enjoy yourself. Another good option if you have an iPad or a laptop is to download some tv show or movies on Netflix prior to your trip.

10 travel essentials to pack


No matter how good your phone battery or your laptop/Ipad batteries are, there are only a few chances that you don’t need to charge your electronics at all. Especially if you’re using your phone for music or to play a game. Same goes for a laptop or an iPad especially if you’re watching tv shows.

So you have to make sure that you have all your chargers with you!
This also works for other kinds of electronics such as earphone or headphone if you carry some.
I have the Bose Sounds Link II which I love to travel with as it partially covers the noise (not as good as the Quiet Confort but cheaper!) and obviously has a really good sound. Also, there are not to tight on your ear and easy to wear even if it’s for a couple of hours.


It can get cold up there in the sky!

If you’re visiting a cold/winter destination you may already be wearing layer and won’t feel cold.
But, if you’re visiting a warm destination you may already, and rightfully so, wearing your summer gear. So make sure to bring a cardigan or a light jacket to prevent you from being cold through your flight.

A hoody is also a very good option to be warm and cosy, it’s also very easy to pop on and off.


Following up with the jacket, you should also think about your foot!
I know that when I will be flying for a bunch of hours I like to free my feet from my shoes.
It’s not really comfortable to stay in you when you travel for more than 7hours. What I like to do is to pack some cute and comfy wool socks to wear through the flight (I put my shoes back on to go to the toilet though, coz, ew)

A good option is also to wear some slippers if you’re not comfortable with the idea of just staying in socks on the plane.


If you’re checking a bag in you probably doesn’t think about your clothing items as you know you will get them back.
We often hear about lost or damaged pieces of luggage so for all you know you may land at your destination but your luggage may not. It is sadly not uncommon to have missing pieces of luggage or damaged one.

That’s why I think it’s best to be prepared just in case, bringing an extra pair of underwear and a t-shirt won’t take much more space.


Yep, toiletries. Especially if you’re on a long haul flight at some point you will want to refresh yourself.
Spending over 7 hours on a plane or even less might let you feel a little grubby and it’s not the most pleasant feeling when you still have a few hours of flight.

Bringing a toothbrush and a face cleanser to freshen yourself is a good idea. Some more useful items to bring are chapstick and moisturizing cream.

long haul flight carry on


Alright, this one is a personal favourite of mine. I love taking notes or doodling or making list while on the plane. About the upcoming trip or about whatever I can think of that I need to write it down.

You can also use a notebook as a little journal to document your plane journey, it’s quite a fun thing to read a while after the trip! It could also be used to play games with your friends and family if you’re not travelling alone.

Last but not least you’ll pretty much always need a pen at some point in the plane to fill in papers or at the airport, so, it’s good to have one on you!

This wraps up my 10 travel essentials to pack in your carry on for a long haul flight! If that post interested you then you might want to check my 10 travel mistakes to avoid or my tips to survive long haul flight!


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