Santorini 4 Days Itinerary Travel Guide

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

There is a lot of stunning islands in Greece and of the most famous, thanks to social media, happened to be Santorini; and since it’s such a popular place I compiled a Santorini 4 days itinerary for everyone wondering what are the best things to do on this beautiful Greek Island!

While Santorini may feels overrated due to the extra coverage and the countless of lookalike pictures you can see on Instagram, it is still an island full of charm with a lot to offer well worth spending a few days there!

Found out more of the best things to do in Santorini with my Santorini 4 days itinerary travel guide and travel diary in a way so I hope you enjoy reading people adventures!

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary Travel Guide

Have you set your mind on visiting Santorini for your next trip? Here is my travel itinerary with the best things to do in Santorini! From the famous Oia to lesser known place you won’t be bored a minute in Santorini!


Yesterday I left a grey Paris to land on the sunny island of Santorini. It’s currently the off-peak season in Greece however the weather is nonetheless way better than in Paris.

7:30 -Our flight was operated by Transavia and went really well, minus the cold air conditioner and the rain that delayed it slightly. All of this also resulted in me feeling a little under the weather due to this.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

12:00/13:00 – 3h later or so we landed in the tiny airport of Santorini, and when I say tiny I mean it’s basically like a train station from a small village you could find in France. After this we headed out then took a bus to Fira (1€80) to took another one to  Perissa (2,40€). Our final destination for the day where we would stay for the next few days.

santorini travel guide

Checking-in Time

14:30 – With another 20min walk we made it to our hotel -> Blue Diamond Bay. I read the reviews on TripAdvisor after booking, I got to admit I was a bit scared of what to expect. But besides being a bit off the main street it’s decent, clearly not the best though. The cleaning looked it had to be done vaguely and we found some items (sun cream & a book). The wifi was quite crappy.  The outside is top though! And the beach was also pretty nice.



15:00 – The long-awaited moment of lunch!

I didn’t eat breakfast and hadn’t any snacks so food was really NEEDED. I could feel the energy leaving my body. We made our way along the beach in order to find a place to eat. The scenery in Perissa is pretty nice, there is a black sand beach right there. Usually, most people who come to Santorini, at least on social media, stay in Oia, so, you’ve probably had a different image in mind of Santorini. 

IMG_1512 - Copie.JPG
“I’m happy but I only slept 4h last night” face.

We ended at the “Apollon” restaurant (all of them pretty much have the same menu) and after some very deep thinking I ended up picking probably the most simple and boring thing on the menu, a club sandwich. But at least it was a good club sandwich. Also, we had a very lovely little bird as a guest and a view on the beach. It was lovely as the weather in Paris was gloomier. 


??:?? – Then it is pretty much when I lost track of time and just went with the flow of the island.
Perissa’s beach is really awesome the water is clear and it looks awesome with the black sand. The contrast between the dark volcanic sand and the blue water of the ocean is really refreshing.

It was my first time ever seeing a beach of black sand and I must say I dig it!
Besides, there’s always something so enjoyable about lazing around on a beach and taking in all the nature and fresh air. Despite the weather being super windy the landscape and the atmosphere are absolutely the best!
We had a quick view of the sun setting at the beach in front of our hotel.

It was hiding behind the trees, however, I think nothing beats a sunset on a beach.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Sunset on Perissa’s beach in Santorini, Greece

And that’s pretty much how the day ended, as we are off-season it gets dark real quick, granted later than in Paris, but still, there’s not much left to do aside from bar and restaurant for dinner. It’s still pretty cool to grab a bite on the beach side while you watch the sunset onto the ocean.

Another thing, there’s so many stray dogs and cats outside, I mean probably not all are strays but there’s every likelihood a vast majority is as a lot didn’t have any collars or name tags.

in conclusion it was a chill first day in Perissa before we start to explore more with Oia.
Oia which is the place you guys probably already got spammed about on Instagram by all the most famous bloggers/influencers over the year.


Visiting Oia aka the most touristy spots on Santorini Island, you know that city you’ve been spamming with on Instagram for the past couple of months. Let’s see if it’s worth the hype – since you know Instagram is really, really staged and highly edited sometimes! But first, let’s grab a bubble tea in Fira!

The morning was pretty chill, as we were in no rush -who can be in a rush when the sun is shining and you’ve got the sea right in front of you anyway- we relaxed along the beach in Perissa and enjoyed the sun as for a Parisian this is something pretty rare you know. W eventually went to catch the bus – yes none of us drives which really sucks on an island – to go to Fira (2,40€) around 12h30.

Instead of catching a bus to Oia right after we wandered around the souvenirs shops in the street above the bus central station. That when we saw a cute bubble tea shop! And since I was thirsty and I’m also quite a sucker for bubble tea it was the perfect occasion to try it out.


The shop was extremely cute, circus-themed, with very reasonable prices and a lot of choices also including other beverages than bubble tea if you’d like. Definitely, recommend it if you like bubble tea and cute place to chill in Fira! Od course, it’s not very typical but the staff was very friendly.

Finally, we caught a bus to Oia (1,80€). If you’d like you can also hike from Fira to Oia.

We were in no rush, that was literally the goal of the day and by this time even though October is an off season for visiting Greece there were still a lot of people in this quaint Greek town as it is after all one of the most popular spot of the island.

What to do in Santorini
Best things to do in Santorini

The city architecture and landscape is totally breathtaking and I did not regret adding Oia to our Santorini itinerary, I can understand why some people actually think the place is overrated due to mass tourism and the very curated it has on Instagram but it still have a lot of appeal nonetheless.
Though I have to admit I expected more blue roofs, I guess my mind literally assimilated the whole place being all white and blue because of Instagram.

We visited “Atlantis Bookstore”, a perfect place for book-lover, it is also one of the oldest bookstore in the world

We made a quick tour before our stomachs decided it was time for some foods. The restaurant terrasse had an amazing view, the same goes for its decor, it was really nice which is what drawn our attention to this place. But when we heard microwaves sounds after we ordered, eek!


Although one thing was actually top-notch. Check out this awesome view but then again I’m sure there is some much better restaurants with a view just as amazing as the one we have. However there were not in our budget…

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

And we were back to wandering around the city enjoying the unique greek architecture and the crazy amount of luxury resort piled up along the coast.

Oia has a lot of amazing shop full of locals craft if you’d like to get some amazing souvenirs, there is also plenty of churches to visit.
One of my favorite thing to do was to explore the various alleys and staircases as this way you get a true feels of the city.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
what to do in Santorini

This is what you can call my attempt at an Instagram worthy picture -yes I brought Dr Martens to an island and to the beach, don’t judge me-.
While part of me feels actually awkward about it, I also think this isn’t too bad you know? But I guess the credits go to the scenery. Greek unique architecture is stunning.
My backpack is from Grafea, I love this backpack to bits it’s perfect to travel with.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

Eventually, we got to the sunset point and enjoy it despite the weather being quite foggy. It might sound silly but I didn’t expect it to be that crowded. However watching the sunset in Oia is a must, it’s one of my fondest memory of this trip.

Sunset in OIA
Sunset in Oia
Not giving any justice to this scenery but well!

I  wouldn’t say it take long to visit, we stayed there for about 5h taking our time to enjoy the place at its best and explore, so it’s actually a good thing that Oia isn’t huge – I mean obviously it’s not a big island but some places require time!

But I guess if you start taking Instagram worthy pictures then you might end up spending the whole day doing so. You can also actually hire a photograph for a couple of hour in Oia if you want to shoot some amazing pictures in a beautiful dress!


Red beach of Akrotiri, Santorini

View on top of the cliff over the beach in Akrotiri!

On our 3 days we went to famous red beach of Akrotiri located south of the island.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

Just like in Oia you can find plenty of beautiful churches in Akrotiri, the most famous one being Agios Nikolaos.

Along the road just before you arrive at the “entrance” if I can say so on the beach. There’s a nice snacks/restaurant that sells absolutely delicious big gyros!

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Accessing the red beach of Akrotiri

The red beach of Akrotiri is located on a cliff so you have to climb a little before you can actually get there. Nothing too hard though but flat closed shoe is the best option, even if you’re only going to the beach, flipflop or sandals would make it a pain.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

The view is again, really gorgeous. And I’d say the fact the beach is in a cliff makes it more charming to me, it makes it less windy and more enjoyable.

Another important spot of Akrotiri is the antique city, unfortunately, we couldn’t visit it. So if you get the chance go check it out!

And a cute pottery shop, on the crossroad bus of Perissa/Akrotiri. I really like the fish for some reason, I mean isn’t it cute?

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary
Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

Another good activity to do in Akrotiri is to visit the archeological site that is on the way to go to the red beach however the place is pretty big so it takes quite a while to visit so make sure you have enough time to visit it if you plan to do more than this and the red beach.
Price: 12 euros


Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

My last day spends in Santorini! We went to Fira’s old port.

Officially we were only leaving Santorini on Friday, but since we had to check out early and our luggage Friday was quite a dull cold day. So Thursday was our last real day in Santorini.

The weather was getting grey and windier but I still had an awesome breakfast at the Tranquilo on Perissa beach to start the day well fueled and ready to explore some more!

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

Their smoothies are absolutely delicious! Plus, with the restaurant set up, it’s a real mood booster as it is super colourful and has a really chill vibe to it, so it was nice despite the weather changing.

The afternoon was Fira, again, except this time we made it to the old port. The review I read on this spot were mixed, and I quickly understood why.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

So, yes the view is pretty astonishing and it’s really interesting to see the path that was used by the local years ago to transport their merchandise and the people among the islands with the donkeys.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

But, oh man, it is SO DIRTY and so smelly. Obviously with all those donkeys charged with humans to go up and downs the stairs.
It’s quite saddening to see them parked up on side of the stairs as well or getting scared by the local to force them to move up; if you really don’t want to walk all those stairs (587 in total!) the cable cars are the exact same price as the donkeys (5€) and I would say for sure the view in those might be worth it!

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

If you want to go down the stairs, you definitely need good shoes 1- because the stairs are wobbly and full of poop and 2- the donkeys are careless so when they’re going down or up they might step on your feet, ouch.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

The port itself is small, there’s a few shops and restaurants. It is nice but I’m pretty mixed about the stairs, it wasn’t my worst experience ever but far from being the best either.

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

And if you want to visit the volcano this is where you’re supposed to go. We couldn’t visit it as the last boat had already left, this is probably my only regret for this trip!

Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

That’s how my Santorini getaway ended since we only stayed in Fira for lunch and ended to the airport to have a nice 10h layover in Athens, I will just say one thing about, this, was, hell. But I will probably keep this for another post that will be more of a travel story!

In conclusion 4 days in Santorini is a good time if you want to spend a chill getaway while still discovering some of the highlight of this beautiful Greek island from the Cyclades.

Also do not worry if you don’t drive I’d say the public transports on the island is pretty well, we managed to visit every places we wanted without struggling!

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Santorini 4 Days Itinerary

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