You&Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol

You&Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol

If you’re familiar with Japan or ever look what kind of activities you could do there and may not find in your home country there, then you probably heard about “Cat Cafe” or “Neko Cafe” as it is call in Japanese.

While they’re really popular in Japan, it’s not something fairly common in Europe and Western Countries. Although some countries/cities start to adopt this concept. As this is the case with the You&Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol.

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4 Monthly Challenges To Save Money | Lifetstyle Tips

4 monthly challenges to save money

4 Monthly Challenges To Save Money
When it comes to money it can somewhat challenging to start to save up. Especially in our current society where everything push you to buy anything and everything on a daily basis. Despite this you might need to save money for a lot reasons; pay back a student loan, plan a trip, a wedding, simply to have some money on the side…! It could be anything.
In order to make this less of a boring task to achieve, here are 4 monthly challenges to save money !

You will see that you don’t have to totally restrict your budget by cutting out every single little thing you enjoy, you need to think about it in a smart way and see what’s right for you and your goals.

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25 Places to Visit Before 25 | Bucket List

25 places to visit before 25

25 places to visit before 25…or not. Honestly I don’t think you have to do before a certain age, or just be a certain age to do things, age is just a number after.
Although I think it could be a fun and light post to write about 25 places to visit before 25 because it actually is my 24th birthday today ! And obviously, money wise it could be a little tricky even with good budgeting ahah.
Here is my list of 25 Places to visit before 25, some I already visited (check my travel list !) and some I really want to visit hopefully in the next year !

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Make Extra Money | How To Tips

make extra money

According to Google we are 167 000 000  to wonder how to make extra money.

I am a student so when it comes to money it can be a little tricky to save up (especially since I love to travel) , pay your monthly expenses  and actually live. Even with a part time job. Earning a bit of extra money is always nice, either is it to save up money for travel, shopping or help you out of your debt.

So here is a few ways I’ve gathered during those past few years, which works, that I recommend you to use if you want to make some extra money,

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Why You Should Consider Hostel More


I know hostel are already used by a lot of travellers, but I also know from relatives and people I happen to speak with that the idea of staying in an hostel is still for a lot of people the weirdest thing ever to do.
But this is never as bad as people think it is, in fact it’s a GREAT option that should be considered by everyone, even if you’re anxious to share a room with strangers.

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