My 2018 Travel Highlights

The year is already coming to an end, and pretty much like every year I feel like it went by in a blink. But, I swear it’s crazy how fast time flies!

Unlike my 2017 travel highlights this year was pretty “calm” in term of travel. I mean last year I pretty much spent half of my time between Paris and England including a few differents countries there and there.

This year I didn’t stay solely in Europe as for the first time I set foot on the American continent.

2018 Travel Highlights


My first trip of the year as unlike other years this time I didn’t visit my family in the country so it wasn’t until February that I had the opportunity to travel with a friend to a few different British cities.
Even though I hadn’t been long gone from Bristol and I had already been to Bath a couple of times.

You can check out the top things to do in Bath on a day trip here!

However, it was my first time in Oxford so that was exciting!

And, by the way, you can read about what to do in Oxford on a day trip!


My biggest trip of the year and also my first time in the U.S.A! So that was something! It was also my first time travelling alone for an extended period with my sibling, so lots of firsts on this trip.

I feel like 10 days for what we did was a bit long and we probably missed out on some stuff we could have done due to this trip being super messy and the world cup happening at the same time but I really enjoyed the busy New-York (minus the subway, why does it have to be so complicated and so freaking hot out of the wagons, huh?)

I know for sure I would love to go back to NY, maybe not in the summer but in winter for sure, I’m sure the city might look amazing around Christmas time!


Bruges was pretty much a spontaneous trip as I said on my how to spend a day trip to Bruges post.

It’s a city I had been wanting to visit for a while as it seemed to be absolutely lovely and I wasn’t let down.
Bruges is as quaint as you can imagine and full of colours.

Obviously, another great thing about Bruges, and Belgium, in general, is the food. Enjoy some delicious waffles and fries in a gorgeous city is the best!


day trip giverny
Monet’s Garden

One of my goal for this year was to visit more of my country. Which was half a success has I have surely seen quite a few new places, however, I know that I could have go to many more places if I had kick myself a bit more.
Although there’s no need to dwell on this right now as it won’t change it, can always visit the places I wanted to this year!

I took a few day trip around Paris (incoming best day trips from Paris to come soon!) and also managed to visit museums and landmarks I had yet to visit. Pretty much taking the advantage of being under 25 while I still can so I can get in for free!
Also seen a few villages in Britany which you can see if you scroll on my instagram.

Although, one of my favourite day trip I took this year in France is for sure my day trip to Giverny with my mum. Giverny is so lovely and full of culture and only an hour away from Paris so it was an amazing day. Head over to my Giverny post to read how to spend a day in Giverny!


Alright, so, technically this isn’t per se a trip even though Disney is a one hour and a half commute from my home but I still feel like including it because it was definitely one of the highlights of this year and it can kind of fit the travel category, I guess?
I mean the place change for every season and it is a nice day trip from Paris for both kids and adults! So, yeah, that’s kind of a valid reason to include it? Nah?

Anyhoo, I have been to Disney with my great friend Amanda (by the way she also blogs there!) and honestly had a blast.
At the time of our visit, the park was all Halloween themed, which is awesome for any Halloween lovers!

And that pretty sums up the highlights of 201 regarding travel for me, I have already a lot planned for 2019 so I am really excited and can’t wait to share it all on my blog!

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