One Day In Gloucester Itinerary: A Harry Potter Day Trip

One Day In Gloucester Itinerary:

Gloucester is a small city located in the South West of England. Whether you are a Harry Potter wanting to check all the Harry Potter locations or simply an amateur of quaint villages you need to take a day trip to Gloucester!

If you clicked on this post it means you are probably planning your own day trip to this charming city and looking for a “one day in Gloucester itinerary” and wondering what to do there if you only have one day!

(If it’s not it may convince you to add Gloucester to your travel bucket list!)

Well, I got you covered with my one day trip itinerary to Gloucester. Granted as the title suggest it’s a bit Harry Potter themed as I am a huge Harry Potter fan (Any Potterhead here?), nonetheless, there’s still some non-Harry Potter oriented activity and sight in my itinerary!

One Day In Gloucester Itinerary: Day Trip Itinerary

Gloucester Cathedral Harry Potter

Back in January, I took a small trip to Bristol, which at this point is pretty much a yearly tradition of mine, and within that small trip, I took a few day trips; including a day trip to Gloucester (the other one was a day trip to Cardiff)! Gloucester is only an hour of train away from Bristol it was the perfect opportunity to visit!

My day trip to Gloucester started around 10 am after I caught a train from Bristol to this quaint village. The trip to Gloucester is pretty easy and effortless, the station is very close to the city. Only a few minutes walk away from it.

So, here is what to do in Gloucester in one day:

I usually try to fill up my day trip with 5 things (as I did on my day trip to Cardiff, Wales) to do as I find it to be a fair number (depending on the activities) that leave you enough time to appreciate what you’re doing while you discover the city so you’re not in a rush.

Go admire Gloucester Cathedral or have your own “Gloucester Cathedral Harry Potter Tour”

Gloucester Cathedral is ones of the main landmark that makes Gloucester famous, so, it is a must-see. Even more, if you’re a Harry Potter fan looking to see the filming locations in real, then, you must have Gloucester Cathedral on your bucket list!

This was my first activity of the day and not going to lie it was also one of the main reason as of why I choose to visit Gloucester as I really wanted to visit the Cathedral.

In order to be able to take photos in the Cathedral you need to pay £3 permit, those fees helps with the Cathedral maintenance as the entrance is free. Of course, you can also make a donation as well if you’d like.

I believe £3 is a small price to pay to take photos of such a beautiful Cathedral and a great piece of history of the city, so, don’t be one of those visitors that take photos without this permit…

When the filming happened this place was turned into the corridors of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so, it’s a dream place to visit for any muggles wishing to step into this world!

what to do in Gloucester

Harry Potter shooting locations at Gloucester’s Cathedral:

If you were wondering “What parts of Harry Potter were filmed in Gloucester Cathedral?” then here is the answer to this burning question!

The Cathedral of Gloucester appeared in three of the Harry Potter movies: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Poter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

  • The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir BEWARE! Every Harry Potter knows this sentence from the second movies,
  • The Lavatorium ( it’s also the real name of this spot in the Cathedral) is the place

One Day In Gloucester Itinerary

Alright, now that we are done with the Harry Potter part of the Gloucester Cathedral, let’s move on to the cathedral itself.
There is actually a little exhibit ongoing on the first floor of the cathedral that shows you about how life used to be in Gloucestershire back in the middle age. You can try old costumes (I promise you it’s fun to do even as a solo traveller!) and learn more about the cathedral and its mechanics.

You can also find the remnants of St Oswald Priory if you’d like to see them! It’s only a couple minutes away and while remain might not seem super interesting, it’s fun to imagine what the place could have been like based on what’s left!

And hey pssst, the front of the Gloucester Cathedral makes a gorgeous backdrop if you want to snap a photo of yourself! Even if you’re an awkward bean like me and struggle to shot yourself when you travel solo!

Best things to do in Gloucester


Immerse yourself into “The World Of Beatrix Potter”

one day in gloucester

Located in a side alley of the street of Gloucester is the shop/museum of “The World of Beatrix Potter”. Author of the famous book child “Petter Rabbit” you can immerse yourself into the fantastic world of Beatrix Potter by visiting this adorable book shop where you can buy books and also some collector figurines and objects.

Not only the shop in itself is adorable but it also has a beautiful museum upstairs that you can visit it’s a great activity for both kids and adult alike!

There is plenty of adorable streets and alleys if you decide to wander around to taste of this quaint city, as I always say – and a lot of people – the best way to discover is to to get lost and explore it without specifically having a purpose or a destination! It’s fun I promised!

You know what you could stumble on, an antique shop, a cute café… and so on! I mean look how adorable this street is.

Gloucester day trip itinerary

I, unfortunately, don’t have any recommendations for lunch as I ate a sandwich on the go in order to save some money here, plus, not going to lie when I travel alone, I still have a little hard time to eat by myself in a restaurant. Cafés are fine but, restaurants, I’m not there yet. And I feel like it’s probably the case for a lot of solo travellers!

Greyfriars Gloucester & St Mary de Crypt

Gloucester in one day

Greyfriars Gloucester:

The remain of the Greyfriars of Gloucester used to be a medical house back in the 1213 year, it was later rebuilt to be demolished yet again.

St Mary de Crypt:

St Mary de Crypt is a small Anglican church dated from the year 1140.

St Michael’s Tower, Gloucester

Located close to the Blackfriar and next to Gloucester Museum is St Michael’s Tower, the tower was built in 1465. Where the tower stand is the crossing point of the four main streets of the city! You can spot several interesting feature on the tower if you look more closely.

While you can’t visit the inside of St Michael’s Tower it is stil an important landmark of Gloucester and fairly easy to spot if you visit the centre of the city.

Gloucester Docks

One Day In Gloucester Itinerary

Gloucester Docks is the perfect place to take a stroll after lunch for example, when I visited it was a bit rainy however that didn’t stop me from strolling around. All I did there was walking around as my day was coming to an end and I was quite tired, but, only this made me appreciate the charm of this city and take a glimpse of how it works out!

Something worth mentioning for a lot of you is that the Gloucester Brewery is close by the Gloucester Docks!

If you’re interested you can also visit the National Waterways Museum or the Soldiers of Gloucestershire museum if you’re more keen on history than the way of waters!

Gloucester Tips: If you would like to do a walking tour of the city then you can download the Gloucester Walking Tours App. This app offers you a bunch of different themed tours of the city! I found it super cool after downloading it when I saw it in the city!

This concludes my one day in Gloucester itinerary if you only have one day to spend there, so now you know what to do in one day in Gloucester! If you’re looking for a nice day out in England then do not hesitate to spend a day trip to Gloucester whether you’re travelling as a family, with friends, as a Potterhead or even as a solo traveller!

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One Day In Gloucester Itinerary, 5 things to do

A day trip to Gloucester, a small town located near the Cotswolds, is the perfect place to see for yourself some Harry Potter shooting locations or explore Beatrix Potter world! Here are the 5 best things to do in Glouccester, with this travel guide for a simple Gloucester day trip itinerary #travelguide #england #europedestinations #travelingtips
Are you a Potterhead? Then why not tick off one of the Harry Potter visiting locations by visiting Gloucester Cathedral? Find out the best things to do in Gloucester, England if you only have one day to visit this quaint city of the U.K explore the harbourside and visit Bellatrix Potter museum! #travelblog #photography #traveldestinations #england #travelingtips #potterhead #harrypotter
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    I love Harry Potter. I have been to the Durham Cathedral which is also used as a shooting location for some parts of Harry Potter but the Gloucester Cathedral looks amazing! Great Itinerary!

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    Gloucester looks well preserved. It’s such a beauty

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    Incredibly beautiful architecture! The castle is impressive and bewitching! I definitely want to visit Gloucester with my daughter!

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    The Cathedral is beautiful! Definitely want to come and live out my Harry Potter dreams here one day 🙂

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