Where To See Best Christmas Lights In Paris

Where To See Best Christmas Lights In Paris
Christmas decorations at the Place Vendôme

Every year when the cold season is upon us in the French capital it means that the city starts to dress with its most beautiful twinkling lights and about a thousand Christmas decorations to set the holiday mood. If you’re a Christmas lover then you’ll love Paris in winter so make sure to know where to find the best Christmas Lights in Paris!

Which let’s be honest, hunting for Christmas lights is probably one of the best activity to do in Paris if you want to feel that sweet Christmas spirit. So, grab a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee) and walk those cobbled streets to watch those pretty illuminations.

Where To Find The Best Christmas Lights & Decorations In Paris

Around mid-November Paris when the beautiful yellow and orange shades leave starts to fall off the trees and the season feels a bit more gloomy for certain people, it is high time that every streets and shop overlay their magical lights and decorations to set off the Christmas mood.

(Although, you can pretty find Christmas decorations and whatnot almost everywhere even on the very first days of October, insane)

It’s pretty much as if all the most famous fanciest streets in Paris have this friendly competition to see which one is going to be the prettiest and most dazzling.
By reading this guide to the best Christmas lights and decorations you’ll quickly see a pattern, most of them are located close by luxury/designers shops!

After them popular shopping places follow up in their steps, I mean, what’s better than some pretty lights to remind the people that it is Christmas soon to make them remember to buy gifts.

This list isn’t classed by order of the best spots to check, it’s a random order.


I’m sure you’ve heard of it already, after all, the Champs Elysées is one of the most famous avenues in the whole wide world.

So, of course, when the Christmas season comes, this fancy avenue is dressed up in its prettiest colours and lights. Nothing over the top though, simple lights and decorations, but, they do the job into turning the Champs-Elysées in a must-see for Christmas lights in Paris.

You might wonder why I recommend this place if it’s nothing over the top. It’s simple, the avenue in itself has already a lot of charm, so that’s why it doesn’t need much yet as I said is still a must-see if you want to experience that special winter Parisian feeling. Remember, sometimes, less is more.

It’s definitely worth to check out whether you like shopping or not.

Access: L1 From Franklin D. Roosevelt (bottom) To Charles De Gaulles Etoile (top)



Christmas decorations in Paris
Christmas Lights at the Boulevard Haussmann

If you know your Parisian history or is an architecture fan then you most likely heard about the boulevard Haussmann.

Well known for its unique architecture style the Boulevard Haussmann is a must-see even if the lights aren’t on yet. However, they do add a lot of charms to this very famous Boulevard so it would be a shame to miss this spot.

For the little history note: the construction of this neighbourhood ended in 1864 after 7 years of work. Needless to say, it is a very important part of Parisian history. So, a must-visit!

Access: L3 Chaussé D’antin


where to see the best christmas lights in Paris
2018 Christmas Tree inside the Galerie Lafayette

I have already mentioned the Galeries Lafayette as a winter activity to do in Paris if you’re looking for Christmassy stuff in my Paris winter bucket list. Le Printemps is the following shopping centre on the Boulevard Haussman where you can also find some amazing Christmas Lights and beautiful displays outside.

For a lot of Parisians visiting the Galleries Lafayette every year in winter when they put up the Christmas decorations is pretty much a tradition. There’s a reason behind this, this shopping place in itself due to its unique architecture is quite a sight and, in addition to this, the decorations change every year.

Each yeat with a new theme (2019 Theme is “the Hive”) they set up a new original giant Christmas tree underneath the neaf of the building as well as matching displays outside for everybody to enjoy. Everyone, locals or tourists, is always excited to know what it is going to look like

Christmas decorations in Paris
“Hive” Christmas Display at the Galerie Lafayette


Westfield Forum Des Halles shopping centre was redesigned a few years ago and do not hesitate to go all out during the Christmas holiday to make sure to please their customers and make their Christmas shopping more pleasurable.

Therefore making it an amazing place to visit during the holiday season in Paris if you’re looking to see pretty Christmas lights in Paris.

It has great places to eat and shop if you’re looking for some leisure time while you admire the Christmas decorations and maybe even find some for your tree to bring back home!

Access: L4 Station Les Halles


Bercy Village is now a quaint shopping centre that is designed little a small village in which you can find a great variety of restaurants and shops if you fancy doing a small shopping spree. And, of course, it has some beautiful lightings. Bercy Village gets some new decorations throughout the year to fit the events happening at the moment.

It is a place that I really like going to, and I reckon it is even more cosy and enjoyable in winter with all the Christmas lights and decorations. There’s also a huge cinema there if you’d like to warm up and watch a movie there. Frozen 2 is out you guys if you’re looking to see some Christmas movie while you’re in Paris by the way.

Access: L14 Station Court St Emilion


2018 Dior Christmas Tree FT MandyChérie

The Montaigne street is one of the three streets that compose the “Triangle d’Or” of Paris. It is well known for the many designers’ shop and luxurious hotels (i.e Plaza Athenée) that you can find there.

In case you’re curious, the two other streets that compose this golden triangle are The Champs Elysée (our #1 in this list) and the avenue George V.

Every shop display is decorated for Christmas, however, there is one thing in that makes la rue Montaigne worth adding to your Christmas bucket list in Paris.

The Dior Christmas Tree. Just like the Gallerie Lafayette, the Dior shop set a stunning Christmas Tree as the frontage of its shop. It’s a pretty popular spot, if you walk down the avenue Montaigne to take a look at the illuminations there’s a lot of chance that you’ll see some people shooting photos in the street in front of the Dior Christmas Tree.

As I mentioned above you can also find the Plaza Athenée in this avenue, which even if like me you may not be able to afford a night there you can still enjoy the architecture and decorations of the building!

Access: L1 Franklin D. Roosevelt.



Rue de La Paix Christmas Lights

A few minutes walk from the Galerie Lafayette and the Boulevard Hausmann passing by the stunning landmark that is the Opera Garnier you’ll quickly arrive by the Rue de la Paix.

This street is home to a dozen of popular luxury shops that lead to a very famous place (see #8), so, obviously, the whole street gets very festive and dress up with some dazzling Christmas in front of every shop and light-ups.

Access: L14/L12 Madeleine


Yet another place full of fancy luxuries designers shop to end this list of the best Christmas Illuminations you can find in Paris.

Of course, the place in itself is pretty refined and a great landmark to visit if you’re in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris. For the Christmas season, the place installs some beautiful huge Christmas in the same theme as the one you can find in the Rue de la Paix and Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honoré as those two streets are linked to the place.

They make a great walk if you’re counting to explore the 1st Arrondissement of Paris as they will lead you straight either to the Opera if you’re starting from Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honoré or to the Jardin Des Tuileries which host an amazing Christmas Market that you must visit if you’re in Paris at the moment.

Access: L1 Concorde


where to find the best christmas lights in Paris

Saint-Germain-Des-Près chic neighbourhood is located in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris and well known for its famous medieval church where a Christmas Market is held every year.

Which mean it is a great place to see some beautiful Christmas Lights. Close by you can find some notorious café such as “Les Deux Magots” and “Café de Flore” if you fancy treating yourself to some hot coffee or hot cocoa while you admire the Christmas decorations on the street.

Access: L4 Saint-Germain-Des-Près


Paris charm is defined by a lot of things and places, one of them being its covered passages hidden inside the buildings throughout the French capital. They are also well worth the visit at any time of the year.

However, it is sure that you shouldn’t miss it during the winter holiday season if you’re a Christmas fan and you’re looking for some of the most beautiful Christmas Lights in Paris.

One of the most famous of those Passages being the Galerie Vivienne dress up with some adorable decorations as you can see in the photo and light up its Galerie with twinkling lights. All of this adding some more magic to this already unique and stunning Galerie.

Some more passages of Paris are also decorated for Christmas although if you only need to visit one for Christmas lights then it has to be the iconic Galerie Vivienne.

The Christmas season in Paris is one of the happiest time of the year. Where the city glows up and gets this cosy feeling that makes you want to drink some hot cocoa at the Christmas Market or have a cheeky glass of hot wine will you soak in the festive atmosphere.

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Where To Find The Best Christmas Lights In Paris

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