Tourists Scams to avoid in Paris | Travel Tips


Paris is a city with multiples aspects, between arts, architecture and romance, there’s a lot to see in Paris. And while this can be a wonderful experience among all those wonderful experiences and landmarks you will visit as in every big city there are scammers ready to turn your holidays into a nightmare. Here are all the tourists’ Scams to avoid in Paris

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Paris Flooding | Monthly Update #1

Today is the last day of January although it feels like I was celebrating the New Year and eating lots of delicious food yesterday. I’m never too sure how I feel about January as it seems to me that January is pretty much a “trial” month where you take the time to reorganise your time and start working on your goals for the year. And also meaning to go back to uni (although not for me). And it also means it’s time for me to do my monthly update like I announced a few posts ago (here).

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New Year Eve In London | Fireworks

To prepare New Year Eve sometimes you need to plan out in advance, spontaneity might be nice but if you’re actually planning on spending out the New Year Eve in London then you will need to plan out in advance in order to has everything going smoothly without stressing.

If you plan to spend New Year Eve in London to watch the fireworks here is what you need to know to plan this out based on my experience about London NYE fireworks!

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Tokyo Ultimate Guide | Travel Guide for the 1st timer.

Here it is! My  Tokyo Ultimate Travel Guide, to help you plan your first time in Tokyo

If you’re familiar with the blog or have read my travel list, then you already know that I have been to Japan and more especially Tokyo several times now.

However, I noticed that I never been into further details on what to do in Tokyo, what to see in Tokyo or what to eat in Tokyo or any kind of Tokyo Guide basically. During my last trip to Japan, I had spent two days to “plan” my best friend and I trip so we could have some sort of guideline as it was her first time there!

Since then I send it to a few friends of mine who enjoyed it so I thought why not share with you the top things to do in Tokyo by writing a Tokyo travel guide for the first time!

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