Themed restaurants in Tokyo

  Themed Restaurants Japan

When you read about themed restaurants in Tokyo what probably comes first into your mind is the robot-themed restaurant. Yes, that one which everybody has at least once heard about. However, you will quickly realise that there is much more than just this crazy restaurant in Tokyo.

Themed restaurants in Japan are entirely something. Something you wouldn’t see in the western part of the globe. Japanese people are pretty fond of themed restaurants some are permanent and, some, ephemeral.
Let’s not lie, we are just as fond of those themed restaurants as they aren’t something we can find quite frequently outside Asia.

There’s a lot of them; you can find a lot about various mangas/animes (One Piece, Sailor Moon, Pokemon etc..) or Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty or Pompompurin to include the most famous.
Video games aren’t left behind either, it’s not rare to find Final Fantasy pop up cafĂ©. To only quote the most famous one.

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