Day trip to Nara, Japan | Come say hi to the deer.

Day trip to Nara

I went to Japan 3 times for all, but only last year, I finally went to Nara. Nara is located next to Kyoto in the Kansai region. Nara is the perfect day trip if you are in Kyoto or Osaka.

However, I took a day trip to Nara from Tokyo which is a 3,5 hours journey from Tokyo with the Shinkansen + a train to go to Nara from Kyoto.
Kyoto is really quaint and pretty much a window into the past. Nara is an extension of this as you get the opportunity to dvelve further into ancient time and get a peak at what was once the first capital of Japan
Nara is well known as the free roaming deer city, as well as well its massive buddhist temple, many shinto shrine. Nara is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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