You and Meow Cat Café in Bristol, Review

You and Meow

If you’re familiar with Japan or ever look what kind of activities you could do there and may not find in your home country there, then you probably heard about “Cat Cafe” or “Neko Cafe” as it is called in Japanese.

While they’re really popular in Japan, it’s not something fairly common in Europe and Western Countries. Although some countries/cities start to adopt this concept. As this is the case with the You&Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol.

You and Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol

You and Meow Cat Café in Bristol, Review

You&Meow is the first ever cat cafe in Bristol to be opened. As I said above Cat Cafes are pretty popular in Asia while here in Europe it’s still a fairly new concept.

I actually stumbled on this place accidentally. I was walking around the city after my classes, to try to shot some nice pictures I noticed one of the street sign as a Maneki Neko on, which caught my eyes, so that’s pretty much how I decided I should go there with my best friend when she was going to visit me in Bristol later.

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Cat Cafe in Bristol
You & Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol

We visited You&Meow on a monday around 12:40pm so there were only a few customers since it was lunch time. Before you pass the door you are given all the rules for what you can do and can not do. After this you wash your hands and you can go inside ! Before the end of our time slot, we were the only two customers left with the cats, they were really cute and playful, especially Thomas!

As we were about to leave the owners decided to have the cat lunch time so we could watch them eat as it’s pretty fun to see a pack of cats playing with their toys to extract the food.

You and Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol, Review
You&Meow Cat Cafe in Bristol
Cats ID!

I’m not a cat-lover, actually until a few years ago I was afraid of cats but all the cats at You&Meow are really friendly and fun-loving.
The 12 cats are all rescued, they’re very well looked after and you can easily tell the owners loves them.
However, I feel like an extra place “humans free” where the cats could go whenever they’re tired of being pet and wants to nap peacefully would be a good idea.

Cat Cafe in Bristol

Also a big plus for the decoration of the cafe, it’s decorated after a Japanese zen garden which gives the place a very relaxing vibe.

Cat Cafe in Bristol
Interior of You and Meow Cat Cafe


Address :

22 Denmark St,
Bristol BS1 5DQ

Really easy to find in the city centre not far from the Hippodrome.

Opening Times :

Monday  12–7:15pm
Tuesday  12–7:15pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday  12-7:15pm
Friday  12–7:15pm
Saturday  11am-6:15pm
Sunday 11am-6:15pm

You can also book a reservation if you wish.

Price :

£5 admission fees for one hour.
~£ 3,50 hot beverages


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