Why You Should Consider Hostel More


I know hostel are already used by a lot of travellers, but I also know from relatives and people I happen to speak with that the idea of staying in an hostel is still for a lot of people the weirdest thing ever to do.
But this is never as bad as people think it is, in fact it’s a GREAT option that should be considered by everyone, even if you’re anxious to share a room with strangers.

I am not gonna lie, not so long ago I wasn’t very keen on staying in hostel, actually I even thought it was the worst idea ever if I’m fully honest.

I had stayed once in London in a 4 bedrooms with friends when I was 18 and didn’t really keep good memories of it. They were some good point to it, such as informative staff, and nice people but the rest…

I mean; the mix showers with only a curtain to close it, the hot water inexistant and the lack of hygiene overall in the bathroom was quite a bummer.

Due to a lot of change of plans in my last trip I had to look up for an accomodation in Bath and wow, prices of hotel were crazy for just a week-end. So I ended up looking up for an hostel with a lot of apprehension and anxiety I mean sharing my room with strangers looked really stressfull, though;

I did not regret it at all. And I’d gladly do it again on my next trip.

Here is why :

  •  It’s REAL CHEAP.

When you travel on a budget this is GREAT being in the center can avoid you to pay some extra money on transportation. And let’s be honest you won’t find anything more insteresting in term of prices. For example an hotel night in Bath in the city center was starting over 100€ while I paid 26€/night in an hostel for a shared room. You can also find private room.

  • The locations are usually great. 

As I wrote above it can aviod you the hassle of taking extra transportation to join the city center. Also you’re pretty sure to find an hostel in any city .

  • It’s actually really friendly and you get great tips

Both time the staff has been really friendly and helpful is you had any inquiries or needed informations. Also same as hotel you can find some discount for a lot of activities. You can also ask your roommates for tips.


Even if you feel super anxious about sharing a room with people or even just being on your own, this is definitely the best way to get out of your confort zone.

At some point I wouldn’t have thought myself to do this, but guess what I stepped out of my confort zone, I panicked, I was stressed but it’s a great experience and now I know I can do this, which is great for my budget and futur plan! 😀

In conclusion, if you’re anxious or reluctant to share a room because you think it’s not “cool” and weird, you should re think twice about it, because it has a lot to offer and is the best option budget wise.


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