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I am currently facing a whole “I miss Japan so much” crisis, so I have been going trhough all my pictures oF my previous trips since I probably won’t be back there before summer 2018 (or even later !). While doing this, I actually noticed something, food, I have LOTS of pictures of delicious meal I had the chance to enjoy. You might have seen some in my post about themed restaurants. Though there is still so much more to talk about when it comes to food in Japan.

First of all, YES I ate a lot of ramens.

Looking at it I realised that in all of my trips I mostly fed myself off ramen. But can I be blamed ? I know japanese cooking is much more than ramens but ramens are DELICIOUS. To the best looking one and not so appealing one.

10636061_10204080642354696_2034028298586107133_n.jpgRamen restaurants can be pretty much find in every street and they’re a great idea for small budget. You can get a nice real meal for a friendly budget around 600y to 1000y which is around roughly 6€ to 10€.



Tonkotsu Ramen

Also, if you don’t speak any words of Japanese you can still easily order without having to actually talk to anyone. Most of them have plastics dishes displayed in front of their shopps AND you can order from a machine. You insert your coins and you choose what you want get inside and give them your tickets and voilà. Of course there’s not only ramen.


Gyudon from Sukiya

You can find a lot of restaurant chain as well such as Sukiya. Nothing too fancy but they’re decent and cheap and a little plus is that their dishes come in various size. The picture above is a mini size and cost 400yen. Gyudon and curry are their main dishes. It’s  a sort of “fast food” chain.

Their curry is also quite good too ! And still cheap around 600y-700y if I recall correctly.


I have one issue with Japanese restaurants sometimes what they call regular size are quite…I don’t know very small.  Or maybe I am a big eater ? Ahah.


Yes, this was supposed to be a regular sized pizza. I can’t imagine if we had take the mini size.

100yen Sushi Restaurant, Genki Sushi

This was actually really cool ! Most of the dishes are 100y, (if not it’s written)

Now what’s really cool with Genki Sushi is that you order from a tablet what you want AND then your slide on a mini tray right in front of you. How cool is this huh?

Of course you can eat face to face with your friends, but well it’s worth the experience !

Don’t mind mylsef laughing alone but since I had no decent pictures, here is a short video.


And you can find some… interesting “sushi”. Excuse the crappy quality this was snapped on an old phone.
Genki Sushi Adress : 24-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya 150-0042.
Also you’ll probably have to queue before you can get in, but there’s seat to wait so it’s nice. Really well organised.

Sweet food.

For sweet obviously the famous Japanese crêpes are a must try in Harajuku !

Careful though, they are really heavy depending which one you pick. But the cheesecake, ice cream, whipped one is a monster.



Mister Donuts is also a good option. Yum.


And last but not least, KONBINI. Either 7 Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson… They are open 24/7 and have a lot of snacks of ready to eat food, including bento, sandwich (the eggs sandwich is the best !) onigiri, roll and so on. They can also heat up the bento for you so no worries if you can’t do it yourself. Also each day they bargain every bento so you can find great deal ! I was pretty much living off onigiri and egg sandwich at some point.


Chicken rice bento.

Konbini are the best.  So easy to find with a lot of choices.

Anyway this is a big part of what I ate during my trips to Japan !

Ever been to Japan ? What did you ate ? Let me know ! 🙂


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