10 Travels Mistakes To Avoid

Travels Mistakes To Avoid
Boracay, Philippines

Mistakes are usually not fun to endure, they are even less funny when they happenned while you’re travelling and on the other side of the world. They are a few travels mistakes to avoid! And guess what? It’s really easy to avoid those mistakes. So sit down, grab some tea or whatever drinks you like and take note and don’t let them ruin your upcoming trips. Better be safe than sorry.

10 Travels Mistakes To Avoid

Travels Mistakes To Avoid
New York, U.S.A


One the first and most common travel mistake that we all done in the past and maybe subconsciously still do is overpacking.
The last thing you want is to carry a heavy backpack or suitcase and carry around things that you won’t have any uses of during your trip.

We have probably all been there carrying a backpack way too heavy for us, and it’s definitely not fun, IT HURTS. Trust me. Starting your trip with a painful is not what you want, and I talk from experience. On my last trip to England made the mistake and every step I took or stairs I got on the next two days were killing me.

Here are 3 simple tips to avoid overpacking:

  1. Throw together on your bed everything you think you might need, once you’ve done that reduce that by half of it. Most of the time we tend to throw in a lot of pieces or things we won’t have any use for. You don’t need useless weight.
  2. Plan your outfits in advance according to the number of days you will be travelling. Unless you sweat proficiently you don’t need a new outfit every day. You can wear the same jeans for two days. And depending on where you are going and your activities you can also live on with one pair of shoe.
  3. Keep your toiletries and makeup if you pack any to the minimum. Why would you want to carry around your whole bathroom on a trip? A good thing to do is to buy travel container and fill them up to save up space and ditch whatever extra products. A good sustainable option is to get some Lush products to travel with!


This is really important, way more than it appears to be. Not every month is the best time to visit a country, for example, it’s probably not the best time to visit some countries in Asia during the rainy seasons.
Or for some countries to avoid peak seasons in order to get a smoother, crowd-less, cheaper trip. Depending on what you want.
Optimal weather or off-peak season trip.

Also, one more thing to think about when planning a trip is not to forgot about all the little details. You wouldn’t want to end up at the wrong airport for one hour and a half before your flight, like me. Yes, I went to the wrong airport.
Especially if you booked everything a while ago, it’s easy to have little misshapen like this.

Make sure to have the info about the airport, the transportations you need to take and the hotel details saved somewhere, either on paper or on your phone. And of course, check that you have the right date as well.

You can check out this great Pre-travel Checklist to help you out prepare your trip!

Notre-Dame, Paris


Planning is important! While the idea of a spontaneous trip might sound very adventurous and appealing, you wouldn’t want to miss any major places or activities solely because you decided to only follow your instinct. You might end up regretting it later on when you discover something you totally missed out on your trip!

Believe me, it sucks. Especially if it’s a place you may not have the chance to come back to anytime soon.

You can still explore a place while doing some planning and checking what’s in your opinion is worth checking or not. Even if you do hate planning or think it’s useless, I promise it will only take you a few moments to come up with something and it will be handy to have some knowledge on the place you’re visiting prior to your visit.

I do love planning and making search for all my trips, but, one thing I also love is to get lost to explore a place. While it might not seems like it, those two works really well together, I love stumbling on places or landmarks I searched prior to my trip while just wandering down the street of the area I am exploring.


Not to overplan is also just as important as planning!

Overplanning is a killer! Don’t underestimate the need for downtime whenever you are travelling.
I understand the fear of missing out is real most of the time when you travel as I pointed out above you may not come back to the place you’re visiting anytime soon.
However, wearing you out and stressing about your schedule isn’t enjoyable either, you need to find a good balance.

On a side not, balance is the key to everything in life, but I digress.

Packing every seconds of your day with activities and sightseeing isn’t the greatest ideas, even if you’re an avid planner and love it.


Do you know what H&M,Zara, starbucks or any global brands have in common? It’s simple you can find them everywhere on the globe.

It’s easy to go to some places you know, and you may go in thinking that it might be different from your shops at home, although, we all know deep down that it’s not. The only thing that can vary is the price, the collections proposed in those shops whether it is a clothing or decorations shop or whatever are usually the same. Sure, they might be a few tweaks but the essence of it remains the same. It is much better to buy local.

Plus, when you’re visiting a country buying local also helps the local and their business. Especially if you’re visiting a country still in developpement. Another perk is that you will have more authentic and original products. Which I think make much better souvenir than a pieces you could find anywhere else in the world.


10 Travels Mistakes To Avoid

Of course after buying local pieces, comes local cuisine! There are so many differents countries with so many differents kind of cuisine to try all around the world.

Discovering new dishes is one of my favourite thing to do whenever I travel, although I am a picky eater it’s still very enjoyable.
Sure, some countries typical dishes might not suits your diet or sounds weird to you. And that’s fine as long as you’re respectable of it, you have to keep in mind that what’s the norm in your country might not the norm in another places of the world.

And that’s what’s so interesting about it, it’s your chance to discover new flavours, new textures prepared by local, that may not experiences anywhere else in the world.

Another good thing about this is that you can take note and redo the dishes you liked the most at home!


Yes, the not so glamorous and fun part of travel. Travel Insurance, or any kind of insurance that can ensure you and your belonging in case you ever run into trouble i.e got stolen, lose something or worst end up in a hospital and need to cover a medical bill.

I’m not going to lie, the first time I travel internationally I didn’t even care to know if I had an insurance or if I would need one, I mean why would anything bad happens to me? Luckily for me that was the case, nothing bad happens to me.

However, through the year while I have been lucky and nothing dramatic ever happened to me -touch wood- I’ve noticed plenty of times things going south for people i.e lost wallet, lost ID, being stolen or breaking gears. And that’s not fun at all.

So, make you sure you’ve got some kind of insurance for whenever you travel, there is plenty of deals covering a wide range of stuff on the market depending where are you from, so you will definitely find something that suits your needs!

It may seems annoying to pay a fees every month to be insured but if something ever happened to you, you will be more than glad to be insured. So, keep this in mind.


10 Travels Mistakes To Avoid

Emergencies aren’t the kind of things you want to be thinking about when you’re in the middle of planning your holidays.

You have to think about the possibility of something going south and have your back covered. Which is also why I covered the insurance part above.
However, you can never know how things will turn out so even though you have insurance that will help you out covering your fees, later on, you never know when you will get stranded, so, carrying some spare cash hidden somewhere is always a good option. The amount is up to you regarding wherever you are in the world.


One of the top things to always remember when you travel (even with life in general) is that whatever you see on social media is curated and polished to the extreme, and, most of the time it doesn’t reflect real life.

Places might not be as colourful as they appear to be, birds might not be flocking around famous landmarks, you might not be twirling in a peppy flowy dress, or staying in a fancy luxury hotel.

Although, guess what?

They’re still beautiful and highly interestin to explore, they might not be as polished but raw beauty is what best sometimes. Don’t visit a place you’ve seen before expecting it to be as sophisticated as you see it in social media. If you do that you’re setting yourself for disappointment.

The second point I’d like to highlight is, luxury is not a must. By this I mean, we are often flooded by Influencer staying at very fancy hotels and resorts, I know some people feel bad about it. You have no reason to do so, you can fully enjoy your holidays without staying in a fancy resort.
Besides, keep in mind a lot of influencers staying at those luxurious accommodations get their stay for free or heavily discounted.


I’m not going to lie, I also love trying to take cool photos for my Instagram or just in general. So, of course, I am happy to know about cool photo spots around the world.
However, while that’s fine it should NEVER EVER be your sole purpose for travelling because you saw it on some popular influencer feed and thoughts “wow I want to do this”. It’s not rare nowadays to see people travelling solely to get a perfect shot for their Instagram feeds.

We often hear crazy stories about people going in debt to afford travelling to those popular locations we see on Instagram for the sole purpose of taking a shot and pretend to have a polished life. Which is, sad. I think it’s sad because travelling only seems to be a way of getting more likes and pretends that you have some sorts of polished life for some. It’s like there’s nothing more to the destination than just some pretty instagrammable spots. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Yes, you might get inspired from Instagram to visit a place, there’s nothing wrong with this, as I said above, BUT, it should never ever be your primary reason to want to visit a place. Do it for the beauty of the view, nature (unedited) the culture, the food, the experiences you can get there.

At the end of the days those are the things that make a journey unforgettable and help you grow up as a person. Not any polished Instagram photos, no matter how pretty they are, or, how many likes you think they will bring you.

It’s easy to to have mishappening when you travel, luckily for you it’s also as easy to avoid travel mistakes to enjoy your travel to the fullest. Have you ever any big travel mishappening happened to you? Let me know in the comment section!

10 Travels Mistakes To Avoid

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  1. 02/03/2019 / 07:34

    OMG, love these points. I learnt how to not overpack pretty quickly, since then I only take carry on baggage – I think now I am expert with packing haha!

  2. 12/03/2019 / 14:02

    overpacking is a travel mistake that i’m still yet to learn to stop while traveling, even though i’ve been traveling for years. but i suppose the rest of the points you mentioned there, i’ve nailed all of them. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. 13/03/2019 / 16:29

    Lol i over pack all the time…i try very hard on each new trip i take to carry one less thing

  4. 13/03/2019 / 21:41

    Haha I laughed so much at Number 1! It’s something I’ve always struggled with. But we travelling permanently at the moment so I’ve really had to learn to pack light! It’s still tough but I’m getting better at it as time goes on 🙂

  5. 13/03/2019 / 22:53

    This is a really great list, I’ve definitely been guilty of a few of these travel mistakes. No matter how hard I try there is always something I pack that I don’t end up wearing. Buying local is always something I try to do but I’ve found it challenging in Europe as a lot of the locally-made goods are just out of my budget.

  6. 14/03/2019 / 00:59

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone to travel without travel insurance. I’ve had to get surgery abroad and I had travel insurance, so it didn’t cost me anything and actually was more pleasant in the retrospective than at home. Just don’t travel without insurance, better pay for it and not use it than not having it and paying tens of thousands to get well again!

  7. Shelby
    14/03/2019 / 01:11

    These tips on how to avoid common travel mistakes were really helpful! I have made a lot of these mistakes myself, like traveling without insurance, over planning, over packing, and having high expectations about glorified locations. With practice and preparation though, you can avoid a lot of these issues! I also completely agree with shopping and eating locally because the whole point of traveling is to experience other cultures.

  8. Albi Mrázová
    14/03/2019 / 13:35

    Super accurate and great points. I almost always over pack and plan too much things. So this might be great especially if you are traveling for the first time

  9. 14/03/2019 / 20:01

    Great list and tips! I’m guilty of overpacking most the time I just can’t help it haha. Your point about finding the balance between planning and going with the flow is so important as well!

  10. 14/03/2019 / 20:31

    Thank you for including 9 and 10! I think those ones are so important! As much good as social media has done, it’s also done a lot of harm for expectations and intentions!

  11. 15/03/2019 / 04:25

    Consistently guilty of over-planning– I could always use a reminder to leave more room for spontaneity in my travel plans!

  12. 15/03/2019 / 18:01

    I wholeheartedly agree with every single thing on this list. I used to be guilty of over-packing, but I’ve gotten a lot better! And one of my FAVORITE things to do on the trip is try all the local cuisine. Yum!

  13. 04/04/2020 / 14:32

    Very useful tips! I often overpack myself as I want to anticipate any kind of situation… I also like the don’t get your expectations too high tip!

  14. travelonthereg
    04/04/2020 / 17:22

    I admit to having an over-planning problem, but am hoping to address that when we’re back out there exploring. Great post!

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