Throwback on pictures on my 2016 Year☆

First of all,


2016 went on pretty quiclky, I did quite a lot of new travels and even managed to check something out of my 2017 bucket list before hand, how amazing is that hey?
Warning, this post might a little heavy on pictures.

2016 was a little slow to start on my side, I mean for the first few months nothing really thrilling happened to me I was stuck on the university, work, eat, sleep routine and well, it was boring;

But then it all wrapped up pretty quickly, I wandered a lot in Paris, much more in Spring and Summer. Because obviously it much more pleasing to stroll around in a decent weather.




Though there’s also something nice about walks when it’s cold (and not raining).


Aux Champs Elysée palampalampam.

My friends and I shot a short video for one of our English classes and won the first price. Yes, that was the picture of our poster. Classy.


And I went to DisneyLand a LOT, because I bought an annual passport, yay.





See more of what DisneyLand PARIS looked like during Christmas time, here !
You can also check what’s DisneyLand TOKYO is like here !

Finally I flew to Amsterdam, Netherlands for a couple of days. It was my first time there but I will be sure to come back and visit some more cities of this countries. Plus the food is so yummy. But you can read more about this in my Amsterdam post. ^-^



When you choosed to walk all the way to the hotel and regret it.

I visited Le Chateau de Fontenaibleau, which is a good activity to do near Paris, because you know it’s not only about Versailles hey.



Then I went to the countryside to see some family for the 3rd time of the year, while there’s absolutely nothing to do where I stay i got to admit the landscape there is pretty cool.


And I like train station.IMG_2298.JPG


Then I went to one cute little city called Auxerre 1h30 of train ride from Paris ! It’s pretty small so it’s easy to get it down in 2 days. And if you don’t have a car don’t expect to visit anything else. So good thing we had some nice people who drove us to some more places. 😀



Inside the Cathedral

After I got back to University I flew to Santorini, Greece in October for a few days, which can read more in details on my Santorini Diary.



When you wait for the sunset and have nothing better to do than selfie.

I went on a spontaneous trip with some friends and visited Mount Saint Michel with friends !

Finally…I flew to London for the end of the year to see the fireworks ~


But this will be for another post ^-^


2016 was probably one of the year I got to travel the most, not specially big travels but I did a lot compared to the previous years. Flew 3 times out the country, visited various new places, took the train quite a lot to visit family etc, ate a LOT of food and so on. It was a very full yet great year looking back at it. Let’s hope 2017 be even more thrilling !

I wish everyone the best for 2017 !



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