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Last week-end I visited the historic of Bath located in the South West of England and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre
I did not visit the Roman Baths or went to the Spa, so I will have to come back.


I left Paris friday night with EasyJet, since as you may have already guessed is the cheapest option.  I flew from Paris to Bristol, then I made my way to Bath with Air Decker Bus’.
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The sun was starting to set by the time I reach Bath, so I was greeted by a nice pinkish sky.

I stayed in an Hostel this time and it was pretty cool. One of the best advantages of this was that The St Christopher Inn is located right into the center, literally 10min walk from where the bus dropped me. Perfect.

Now moving onto some serious stuff.  Because let me tell you that Bath is seriously a stunning city. The architecture is on point.




TIMG_3740.JPGhe Pulteney bridge area, which you can see in the pictures above is definitely one of my favourite place. The view is so nice and the parade garden is a nice spot to relax.

Right next it you can spot Bath Abbey and the Guildhall.



Temperance fountain

“Water is best”

I was wondering what that sentence standed for so I went and did my little google research and it is was a drinking fountain to push people to drink more water rather alcohol.


Now, the good thing is that pretty much all the insteresting site in Bath are walkable. This city is seriously one of the nicest I’ve been the chance to walk around.

Though, be careful of the gulls. Seriously, they are everywhere. And being pooped on is the last thing you want. Or being throw some nasty stuff on. I mean it, you don’t want that.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


The Circus



I had planned to visit the Roman Baths early in the morning on Sunday since I actually spend a good part of my Saturday catching up with my friend driving around, and at the cinema I didn’t had time to visit them.

Which is why I had planned to visit them on sunday but due to bad time management I left my dorm way later then planned and since the visit was meant to be taking around 2h or more as I have been told I couldn’t go because I had my flight to catch in the afternoon.

Shame on me I know. This is probably my only regret of this week end.

Side note : if you haven’t watched The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II yet, you should go watch it now. 


So I walked around some more to see if I might had missed some nice stuff and to see Victoria Park.




I made my way to the Queen Square then headed to the Royal Avenue that lead to Victoria Park and the Crecscent, and chilled for a good while there like an old lady before I had to make my way back to find some food and leave for the airport.




Overall you can say that I really enjoyed Bath and its atmosphere.

I had visited Bristol back in January and it was okay but nothing to spectacular to be honest; in my opinion Bath is so much more nicer to visit and relax (plus, the spa) and it also offer almost as much shopping options, museums, and parks.

So if you’re looking for a calming getaway but still with plenty of interesting activities I’d definitely recommend you to check out Bath ! 🙂


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