What I ate in Japan. | Budget friendly


I am currently facing a whole “I miss Japan so much” crisis, so I have been going trhough all my pictures oF my previous trips since I probably won’t be back there before summer 2018 (or even later !). While doing this, I actually noticed something, food, I have LOTS of pictures of delicious meal I had the chance to enjoy. You might have seen some in my post about themed restaurants. Though there is still so much more to talk about when it comes to food in Japan.

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Wanderlust, Wednesday : Mt Takao, Japan | Hiking next to Tokyo.


If you read my Wanderlust, Wednesday post about Tokyo you already know that hiking  Mt Takao was one of my favourite activity/place to visit  close to Tokyo ! So I had to write this blog post to share more about this awesome spot ! For now let’s see what’s hiking Mt Takao like.

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Hello everyone !
Another Japan related blog post,  this time it’s going to be about themed restaurant. Japanese are pretty fond of themed restaurant some are permanent and some ephemery.

There’s a lot of them, you can find a lot about various manga (One Piece, Sailor Moon etc..) or Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty or Pompompurin and even video game, yep Final Fantasy Cafe is a thing.

Let’s get started !