Santorini Diary | Day two.


Visiting Oia and bubble tea in Fira !

The morning was pretty chill, we relaxed along the beach, walked in the sand and eventually went to catch a bus to go to Fira (2,40€) around 12h30 . Instead of catching a bus to Oia right after we wandered around the souvenirs shops in the street above the bus central station. That when we saw a cute bubble tea shop !



The shop was extremly cute, with good prices and a lot of choices and others beverages than bubble tea if you wish.Definitely recommend it if you like bubble tea and cute place.

Finally, we catched a bus to Oia (1,80€).



The city architecture and landscape is totally breath taking. Though I expected more blue roofs ahah. I  wouldn’t say it take long to visit, though taking your time to enjoy every corner is totally worth it.

We made a quick tour before our stomachs decided it was time for some foods. The restaurant terrasse had an amazing view, same goes to it decor, it was really nice. But when we heard microwaves sounds after we ordered, eek !


Food looked good and tasted decent, but the mushrooms were cold, the rest of the plate got just as cold pretty quickly… Maybe I wasn’t lucky with my pasta but I wouldn’t recommend it. Same goes for my friends her club sandwich was served with 5 sorta weird crips/ dorritos ? ahah.



And we were back to wandering in the city looking for nice corner and jewellery shops !



Eventually we got to the sunset point and enjoy it despite the weather being quite foggy. It might sounds silly but I didn’t expected it to be that crowded.


Not giving any justice to this scenery but well !

Oia is definitely a must see in Santorini.

See you tomorrow for today’s review !

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