Santorini Diary | Day one.


Yesterday I left a grey Paris to land in the sunny island of Santorini.

7:30 -Our flight was operated by Transavia and went really well, minus the cold air conditionner and the rain that delayed it slightly. Thanks I’m even more sick now.

12:00/13:00 – 3h later or so. We landed in the tiny airport of Santorini. Then took a bus to Fira (1€80) to took another one to  Perissa (2,40€). Our final destination.


14:30 – With another 20min walk we made it to our hotel -> Blue Diamond Bay. I read the reviews on tripadvisor after booking, I got to admit I was a bit scared of what to expect. But beside of being a bit off the main street it’s decent, clearly not the best  though. The cleaning looked it had be done vaguely and we found some items (sun cream & a book). The wifi is real poop as well.  The outside is top though !


Bedding wasn’t  done :/

15:00 – FOOD ! I didn’t eat breakfast and hadn’t any snacks so food was really NEEDED. We made our way along the beach to find a place to eat.

IMG_1512 - Copie.JPG
“I’m happy but I only slept 4h last night” face.


Ended at the “Apollon” restaurant (all of them pretty much have the same menu) and had a club sandwich. We also had a cute guest !IMG_8846.JPG

??:?? – Annnd, this is pretty much after when I lost track of time. Perissa beach is really awesome the water is clear and it looks awesome with the black sand ! It feels so refreshing to enjoy the sun on a beach, lazing around. Despite the weather being super windy the landscape and the atmosphere are absolutely the best ! We had a quick view of the sunsetting at the beach in front of our hotel. It was hidden behind the trees though aha.


And that’s pretty much how the day ended, because it gets dark real quick and there’s not much left to do appart from bar and restaurant for dinner.

Also ! Cats and dogs are everywhere in the street ! 😯
See you tomorrow for today’s review of Oia !




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  1. Wow it looks so peaceful there right now. I’m glad you got a break from the grey parisian skies for a while!

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