Santorini Diary | Day four and five.


My last day spend in Santorini at Fira’s old port.

Officially we were only leaving Santorini on Friday, but since we had to check out early and our luggage Friday was quite a dull cold day. So Thursday was our last day in Santorini.

The weather was getting grey and more windy but I still had an awesome breakfast at the Tranquilo on Perissa beach.


Their smoothies are absolutely delicious ! Plus, with the restaurant set up it’s a real mood booster despite the weather changing.

Afternoon was Fira, again, except this time we made it to the old port. The review I read on this spot were mixed, and I quickly understood why.


So, yes the view is pretty astonishing and it’s really insteresting to see the path that was used by the local years ago to transport their marchandises and the people among the islands with the donkeys.


But, oh man, it is SO DIRTY, and so smelly. Obviously with all those donkeys charged with humans to go up and downs the stairs. It’s quite saddening to see them parked up on side of the stairs as well or getting scared by the local to force them to move up; if you really don’t want to walk all those stairs (587 in total!) the cable cars are the exact same price as the donkeys (5€) and I would say for sure the view in those might be worth it !





If you want to go down the stairs, you definitely need good shoes 1- because the stairs are wobbly and full of poop and 2- the donkeys are careless so when they’re going down or up they might step on your feet, ouch.





The port itself is small, there’s a few shops and restaurants. It is nice but I’m pretty mixed about the stairs, it wasn’t my worst experience ever but far from being the best either.



And if you want to visit the volcano this is were you’re supposed to go. We couldn’t visit it as the last boat had already left, this is probably my only regret for this trip !


That’s how my Santorini escape ended since we only stayed in Fira for lunch and ended to the airport to have a nice 10h layover in Athens, I will just say one thing about, this, was, hell.


Best Waffle Ever


Last but not least, Blue Diamond Bay isn’t worth it’s price for the quality of the service they offer. Unless you doesn’t mind stained sheets, smelly duvets and half destroyed/dirty shower curtain.

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