Where to eat Ramens in Paris ?

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When it comes to Ramen (and more Japanese food) if you’re not familliar with Paris you probably don’t know that the “Rue Saint-Anne”-and the street that cross it “Rue des Petits Champs” in Paris (Ier Arrondissement) is pretty famous for it’s bunch of Japanese restaurants.
But if you want to find some good Japanese Ramens restaurants you should definitely check out this street.


Small sized ball
Big sized ball.

Dosanko Larmen is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in this street. They offer you a various choice of ramen (Including vegetarian option). You have the choice between two size of bowls and with a menu or not (the menu include four gyozas but no drinks).
Their ramens are honestly sooo delicious !
Price wise Dosanko Larmen is sightly more expensive than the other restaurants on this street. It goes between 13€ to 18€ (without a drink) but i’d say it’s still fairly cheap to eat one big fulling bowl of ramen.



Naritakke restaurant is located 2 min away from Dosanko Larmen further on the “Rue des petits Champs”.  I probably love this ramen restaurant just as much as I love Dosanko Larmen. Though I have slight preference for Dosanko soup.
Despite this it is a safe bet to go to Naritakke.  Just looking at the picture above is making me drool. Price wise it’s sightly cheaper than Dosanko it start around 11€ to end around 16€ if I remember correctly.



Those restaurants are located one opposite the other on the street and pretty much offer the exact same dishes just served under different names. This is usually where most people goes as they are a little cheaper in price and offer various kind of menus. Though, if I had to choose they would be my last choices. Don’t get me wrong they taste fine, nothing bad about them but they’re not just as good as Dosanko’s or Naritakke’s ramens.
One little plus is that you can also find curry rice there or donburi, fried noodles. Price goes from 10€ to 13€ for a regular ramen.

Those are my go to ramen restaurants. If you ever feel like eating a ramen in  Paris you should definitely check them out !
Have you ever eat ramen or tried one of those restaurants ? Let me know in the comments ^_^

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