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Hello everyone !

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A while ago I read this travel tag on Sylliepie’s blog, you can read it here ! Since I really liked it I decided to do it myself as well ! I never done any tag before but this one being about travel looked particularly fun and enjoyable to me. šŸ™‚

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Visit the charming town of Auxerre | France


Only an hour and a half from Paris you can find the charming town of Auxerre.

There’s a lot you can visit near to Paris andĀ  Auxerre is on the list. Luckily I got the opportunity to explore this delightful town the time of a short week end.

Therefore I can tell you this, this town is totally charming, easy to walk in and perfect to shot some nice photography. In my opinion a perfect week end gateway.

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Milan, Italy | 2015 Universal Expostion


Helloooo !

In 2015 the Universal Exposition (or World’s Fair or International Expostion, you get it) has been held in Milan, Italy. As you may know or not those expostions happened every few years and takes place all around the world. Ā This year it takes place in Astana, Kazakhstan.
And this is also how we, French, got the Eiffel Tower in 1900 when it was held in Paris. The tower wasn’t mean to stay in the first place but now it’s part of our patrimoine !

Now let’s see what the 2015 Edition in Milan was about !

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