A Guide To Tokyo DisneyLand | Japan


Last year I went to Tokyo Disneyland. This was one of the thing I was probably the most thrilled about, I mean I absolutely LOVE Disney. I have a annual pass so I can go as much as I want. So needless to say that this time I needed to visit Tokyo DisneyLand.

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Hello everyone !
Another Japan related blog post,  this time it’s going to be about themed restaurant. Japanese are pretty fond of themed restaurant some are permanent and some ephemery.

There’s a lot of them, you can find a lot about various manga (One Piece, Sailor Moon, Pokemon etc..) or Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty or Pompompurin and even video game, yep Final Fantasy Cafe is a thing.

Let’s get started !

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Head in the Cloud – GRAFEA REVIEW

20160811_104834.jpgRecently I found out on Instagram one pretty awesome brand called Grafea. Needless to say I instantly fell in love with their backpack, I mean, they’re amazingly pretty.(and not only the backpack collection). So, after I would say a week of showing it to everyone and moaning about how much I wanted, needed one, so, I finally ordered one. It only took 3 days to arrive and the package was neat. Let’s check it out ~ hehe

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That time I was in Nara。


I went in Japan 3 times for all, but only last year, I finally went to Nara. Nara is located next to Kyoto in the Kansai region, which is a 3,5 hours journey from Tokyo in Shinkansen + a train to go to Nara from Kyoto. The Shinkansen being expensive, the best option is to get a JR Pass. Now to the journey  !

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