Paris Flooding | Monthly Update #1

Today is the last day of January although it feels like I was celebrating the New Year and eating lots of delicious food yesterday. I’m never too sure how I feel about January as it seems to me that January is pretty much a “trial” month where you take the time to reorganise your time and start working on your goals for the year. And also meaning to go back to uni (although not for me). And it also means it’s time for me to do my monthly update like I announced a few posts ago (here).


So what major event happened in January

  • Paris Seine burst river banks

Alright so this has been all over the news for the past weeks and while the Seine has started to decrease it caused quite a mess in Paris. The line of the RER C has been closed for a few stations have they have been flooded. Which was probably annoying for a lot of people and tourist as this line deserves a lot of Paris’ landmark.
Also, a lot of houses near the river banks have also been flooded.

On a lighter note, if you are visiting Paris at the moment, it’s quite a view! Ducks were happy though, and my rabbit wasn’t bothered the slightest by it. I mean she has my bed and doesn’t need to go out, so no worries for her.


I’ve also been working on my older posts, make them SEO worthy and rewrite whatever cringe I may have written back then. Basically making my blog a shining new page with quality content. I have to say it’s working has my traffic really increased so I am happy about that!

Plus if you haven’t seen it yet I published my longest blog post yet about a destination I left a bit of my heart in and cannot wait to go back so check it out to know where it is!


The weather in Paris as for a lot of places has been quite gloomy, with a lot of rain – hence the flooding – making it quite hard to go out as much as I would like. Consequently, unless I had to work or go to uni for my exam, I spend a fair amount of time watching some Netflix when I had the time. And let’s not lie, this kind of weather is totally discouraging me and bumming me out so why not watch some good shows/documentaries.

  • “La Casa De Papel”- this one is a Spanish TV show about a robbery
  • Made In Abyss – an anime following the adventure of a 12yo girl. This might not be for everyone but I really recommend to try as I totally LOVED it.
  • Dysnaty – I think this one is actually a reboot. If you like business and drama that’s for you.


If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you should ahah) I am currently planning a trip to New York City for this summer. I am really excited about this as it will be the first time I set a foot in the American continent!
Before this, I’ll be back in Bristol with a friend to do a few day trips between the 10th of February until the 14th.

This concludes my monthly update!

See you next month.





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