Head in the Cloud – GRAFEA REVIEW

20160811_104834.jpgRecently I found out on Instagram one pretty awesome brand called Grafea. Needless to say I instantly fell in love with their backpack, I mean, they’re amazingly pretty.(and not only the backpack collection). So, after I would say a week of showing it to everyone and moaning about how much I wanted, needed one, so, I finally ordered one. It only took 3 days to arrive and the package was neat. Let’s check it out ~ hehe


I have been looking a backpack for over a year by now I think, and I never really found one, or when I did they were out of stock, sad life. The choice was hard, I would have them bought all if I could but I managed to pick one from the Hari Collection, Cloud. Which had a discount on it.


About the bag itself, it is made of thick leather and there’s not a single problem with the finish. Though as it is new it smells a lot like peint at first, but it quickly vanish when you take it out ! You can put a lot in it, so it’s perfect as well as for a daily use, travelling, and to go to school/university, plus you have all the three extern pockets and the back “pocket” with a zipper where you can put some important stuff you want to keep “safe”;and it’s awesome.

ft Auxerre city and the hair that needs help.

In conclusion, sure it’s a little expensive, but, personally I don’t go buying loads of bag and I know this one will last me for a while and be use for many situation, it’s a long term investissement and the quality is definitely worth the price.ย 


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