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Grafea Hari Backpack Review

Recently I found out on Instagram one pretty impressive British brand from Manchester called Grafea.

I instantly fell in love with their backpack, I mean, they’re amazingly pretty -and not only the backpack collection- their Luna collection is also beautiful, plus, perfect for the camera. So, after I would say about a week of showing it to everyone who wanted or probably did not want to see it,  and moaning about how much I wanted, needed one, so, I finally ordered one. It only took three days to arrive, and the package was neat. I am thrilled about my purchase, to be honest, here is my Grafea Hari Backpack Review.

Grafea Hari Backpack Review

Unboxing my Grafea Hari backpack!

I have been looking a backpack for over a year by now I think, and I never indeed found one (maybe I’m just super extra picky), or when I did they were out of stock, way overpriced or of poor quality. And I did not want to spend a few euros on a backpack that would break in a matter of months to buy another one. I wanted a sturdy bag for uni and that I could also travel with and that I liked the design of, this one seemed to ticks all the boxes!
I think for this particular backpack the only thing that slowed down my decision was to choose which one to purchase (and the price let’s be honest, I’m a student I can’t go and throw money on everything and anything)

There are so many different colours, which all look gorgeous it was hard to choose, I would have them bought all if I could, but I managed to pick one from the Hari Collection, Cloud. Which had a discount on it.
Also, they do sales and clearance quite often so you can buy their bags for less which is good.

Grafea Hari Backpack Review

How gorgeous is my backpack!

About the bag itself, it is made of thick leather, and there’s not a single problem with the finish. Though as it is new it smells a lot like paint at first, but it quickly vanishes when you take it out and let it breathe. You can put a lot into it, so it’s perfect as well as for a daily use, travelling, and to go to school/university, plus you have all the three extern pockets and the back “pocket” with a zipper where you can put some important stuff you want to keep “safe”; and it’s incredible.


Feat Auxerre city and the hair that needs help.

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In conclusion, sure it’s a little expensive if you don’t feel like paying over a 100€ for a backpack.
However, I don’t go buying loads of bag, and I know this one will last me for a while and be used for many situations (uni, daily basis, travelling, and so on, you get the drill), so I see it as a long-term Investissement, and the quality is definitely worth the price. 

As I said above the leather is thick and resistant, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you wear it, and you can fit it plenty of stuff, so it’s great. Also, they’re made in England, so yay to this.
If you’re looking to invest in a backpack, then I recommend you to buy from Grafea Hari Collection.


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