Corfu Old Fortress | Corfu Town, Greece

Corfu Old Fortress is located in Kérkyra –also known as Corfu Town- it is the main town of the island of Corfu in Greece.  There’s two fortress within the city, the new one and the old one. Both are historical point of interests of the city.

During my stay on the island I was able to visit Corfu Old Fortress.

We spend approximately 5h one afternoon in Corfu Town touring in the main spots of the city and relaxing doing mostly free activities and sightseeing.

Although one of the spot that we actually paid to visit was Corfu Old Fortress, but even so it is pretty cheap since the salesman made us paid student fees even though none of us had our student ID so it was one euros cheaper (why would I walk around with on me on holidays anyway eh?).


Once you step in after you bought your ticket you can see part of the port and some boats on each side of the bridge, it’s a pretty nice scenery.

After this you face a plan that shows you what and where you can find everything inside; this venitian fortress is composed of the bastions, an old prison, the British Army Cookhouse etc.
The fortress isn’t only just a tourist sightseeing spot, there’s several used buildings, such as: a library, a music school, the archives of Corfu,  and a museum.

Obviously there’s also a souvenir shop.

Going up !

All over the fortress you can find point that gives very nice view over the sea, the port, or even the city.

Also I must say the view from the highest point was breathtaking and made the climb so worth it!

I have no idea what the picture below is !

All I know is that I took the stairs and it lead me there.  So I just felt like I had to take a picture since I made the effort to go up there ahah. And why not took a selfie since I was there ahaha.


On our way down we saw some military weapon. Also the Church of St George. The fresque inside with the chandelier is beautiful.

Finally we saw the British Army Cookhouse. Before we headed down the fortress on the beach/port side. Sadly since we did not have our swimsuit on so we only dip our feet but it was so refreshing as it was 40c.

↠ Prices :

Student 3€
General 6€

↠ Get there :

To be honest it’s pretty hard to miss.  Corfu Old Fortress is located west of the city, there’s lots of map to guide you.

↠ What to bring :

Although there’s no require equipment or anything to bring, I do advise you to have some good walking shoes. The path are quite rocky and dusty. Also to get up and down some rocks inside the pavement are VERY slippery so flip flop aren’t exactly nice to walk in. Don’t forget to bring some water ! It’s a little physic and with the heat if you’re in full summer you will need to stay hydrated.

↠ Duration :

We spent around 1h30~ in Corfu Old Fortress but we were visiting it at quite a slow pace I think you can complete the visit in around one hour. Also the highest point isn’t accessible anymore after 20h/8pm.


Have you ever been to Corfu Town or visited Corfu Old Fortress, let me know in the comments !
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  1. 02/09/2017 / 14:12

    Love your pictures! Especially the ones from above look stunning. Corfu and Greece all together have been a long wish of mine so I hope to plan something soon!

  2. 02/09/2017 / 16:22

    This looks like a dream destination! What a place to chillax 😉

  3. 02/09/2017 / 21:03

    I’ve always been curious about Corfu and your lovely photos have me wanting to hop on that plane and just go! Also love how your post is well-organize and full of details. Thank you for sharing such a lovely place!

  4. 05/09/2017 / 19:04

    Whaaa this place looks amazing! Obsessed with all the photos and the WEATHER is beautiful! 🙂 <3 x

      05/09/2017 / 22:50

      It does looks amazing 😀 I miss this weather now ahah

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