Where to eat Ramens in Paris ?

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When it comes to Ramen (and more Japanese food) if you’re not familliar with Paris you probably don’t know that the “Rue Saint-Anne”-and the street that cross it “Rue des Petits Champs” in Paris (Ier Arrondissement) is pretty famous for it’s bunch of Japanese restaurants.
But if you want to find some good Japanese Ramens restaurants you should definitely check out this street.

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Travel Tag

Hello everyone !

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A while ago I read this travel tag on Sylliepie’s blog, you can read it here ! Since I really liked it I decided to do it myself as well ! I never done any tag before but this one being about travel looked particularly fun and enjoyable to me. 🙂

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Chandeleur | Making funky crêpe

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If you’re  French then February isn’t only about Valentine’s Day or being a short month. It’s also “La Chandeleur” a day where we traditionally make crêpe. And I believe it’s quite important, I mean it’s yummy food. So let’s make some delicious crêpe ! (And no I don’t mean pancake !)

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Head in the Cloud – GRAFEA REVIEW

20160811_104834.jpgRecently I found out on Instagram one pretty awesome brand called Grafea. Needless to say I instantly fell in love with their backpack, I mean, they’re amazingly pretty.(and not only the backpack collection). So, after I would say a week of showing it to everyone and moaning about how much I wanted, needed one, so, I finally ordered one. It only took 3 days to arrive and the package was neat. Let’s check it out ~ hehe

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