Monday 12/12/16

Do you know about those videos call ” A Day In The Life”. Well, it’s exactly the same but in a blog post.


 Looking for a camera charger isn’t quite fun, really, especially when you cannot find it, which sucks.
I currently have a DLSR Canon EOS 1100D

, which I haven’t use in a while, it’s getting pretty slow plus no matter what I tried to clean out the lens there’s still that bloody black dot that keeps coming back. Urgh.


See for yourself.

Anyway, point is I have been looking for a new camera. I have been wanting to get the Canon G7 X MARK II for a while now, though, I’m not so sure anymore. The features of the Nikon D5500  are quite appealing and also includes a rotating screen. So I’d keep a DLSR camera but bye bye tiny format camera. Decisions, decisions.


Here come the fun part. My bestfriend is currently taking a one year course at the Make Up Atelier from Paris. Obviously this include a lot of practice so they need modele most of the time. And as I was free tadam I was her modele of the day.

Side note : If you are seeking for free activities in Paris and you like make up (you don’t get to choose though), this could be a good idea most of students are looking for modele. So give it a try !

Her course of the day was about fancy make up and glitters (Wild guess, I didn’t ask actually don’t judge me). Either way it was really fun, and she did a very good job. But getting your picture taken at the end still makes me the awkwardess person on earth ahaha.


Tadam. If you want to see more of her works you can check out her instagram here.

Once we were done, Paris sweet weather decided to interfer with our plans. Galeries Lafayette here we come. (You know that huge shopping center where you can’t afford most of the items)


At this time of the year one of the best place to come see Christmas displays is definitely “Les Galeries Lafayette” (and “Le printemps” close by) on the Grand Boulevard. Though I got to say I was a little dissapointed about the Christmas Tree, don’t get me wrong it looked great but I expected something else than some white paperish tree, eh ?




Pretty isn’t it ? And how adorable are those cable cars. The thing I probably love the most about this shopping center aside all the shop booth displays has to be the dome, it’s crazy how beautiful it is.

For the little history the Galeries Lafayette was at first only one shop in 1894, the business grow up real quick 2 years later it was the full building. And a couple of years later again it was counting 4 more buildings. Finally in 1912 the Galeries Lafayette had a new design with that very same dome I was talking about. Since them they are in a constant evolution, so there’s always some new pleasant features for the eyes !



Outside displays

And at last we went to get dinner at the Indiana Cafe which a Mexican restaurant chain.


It was my first time there. The Enchilada was okay but not the best I had !
And we called it a day. So here ends my post, hope everyone had a good day ♡. And  you can still catch me up on my instagram : cpt_lyne !



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