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4 monthly challenges to save money

4 Monthly Challenges To Save Money
When it comes to money it can somewhat be challenging to start to save up. Especially in our current society where everything pushes you to buy anything and everything on a daily basis. Despite this you might need to save money for a lot of reasons; pay back a student loan, plan a trip, a wedding, simply to have some money on the side…! It could be anything.
In order to make this less of a boring task to achieve, here are 4 monthly challenges to save money!

You will see that you don’t have to totally restrict your budget by cutting out every single little thing you enjoy, you need to think about it in a smart way and see what’s right for you and your goals.



Once a month (or more if you like it) try and do a no spending weekend. Don’t touch your wallet and card. Give them a rest.
Weekends are usually, after eating out, the second big thing where our money goes; going to the pub for drinks, the cinema, eating out at the restaurant etc…You get the drill. By the end of the weekend, you may find yourself having spent a lot of €€. Which is why a no spending weekend is a great way to save up some money.

Here are some activities you can do instead :

  • Get your own popcorn and have a movie night with friends or by yourself, Netflix or Amazone Prime provides more than enough choices of a good movie!
  • Instead of going out to eat with friends, invite them over for diner, or take turn inviting each other.
  • Boardgames!! No this is not lame, board games are actually really fun to play with friends/family to pass time.
  • Make homemade cocktails.
  • Check out local event in your town, you might find some interesting free event!

There’s plenty of other activities you can find to keep yourself busy and “money free” for your no spending week end.


No new clothing for a month, or it could be also make up since I know a lot of women are prone to spend a lot on make up every single time they walk into a Sephora or a brand release something new. But don’t, not this month.

Believe me, you can survive a month without buying anything.

This challenge is “easy” basically all you have to do is; do not buy any new pieces of clothing/make up during this month.

It will allow you not only to save some money but also in the mean time you can use this month to declutter your wardrobe.
Give away what you don’t wear anymore to charity or sell on depop some items in order to make some extra cash !

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Same goes for make up, some of your product may have not been used in a while and also expired so clean your drawers.

Extra tip:

When it comes to shopping you should always ask yourself the following questions to make sure you’re not spending your money on a whim; 

  • Do you really need it?
  • Can’t you find it cheaper elsewhere?
  • Wouldn’t it be cheaper to wait for big sales?
  • Are you really going to wear it?



No eating out for a whole month. This one is quite important I feel because this is where a lot of people splurge money on eating outside. At least it’s definitely something that I am guilty of. This and Starbucks drink.

If you don’t know what to cook, the internet is full of very easy recipe and ideas for you, be it on Pinterest or you can also use MyFridgeFood to get recipe based on what’s inside your fridge.

Also, believe me bringing your own food to work for a month won’t kill you, instead you may take it as a challenge to enhance your cooking skills during this month, save money and improve, double win!

Plus it can become a great idea as I stated in challenge #1 ->

  • Instead of going out to eat with friends, invite them over for dinner, or take turn inviting each other.

It’s mostly a question of organisation and motivation really! It’s easy to think that you will just get some takeout but you shouldn’t, at least for one month, try and see!


While this has every likelihood to sounds a bit annoying to you, this is quite important. Once you actually start to track your expenses you can see where you would be able to actually cut off some expense or spend less in some areas the next month in order to save some money.

4 monthly challenges to save money

I started doing it as a monthly section of my bullet journal and it helped me a lot to realise that I was spending much more than I thought on eating out with my friends – even if it was very small amounts, like let’s say a 4€  Starbucks drink or 10€ meals.

Despite the fact that on the go amount 4€/10€  it may seem to be okay, later on, you realise if you do that 4/5 times a month it adds up very quickly and that’s where my money went bye-bye and maybe yours too! Or even thinking that you can buy these little items because it’s “only 12€”, it might be only 12€ but when you spend your money you need to think in the long run and see how much you actually spend in total, not just on the moment.

And that’s when tracking down your expenses comes off in handy.

This is my 4 monthly challenges to save money, hopefully, those will come in handy for you!


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    En tout cas je vais suivre tes conseils et voir combien j’aurais économisé

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      19/10/2017 / 20:31

      Ah bon ? Je vois pas pourquoi xD Tu me diras ça !

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