25 Places to Visit Before 25 | Bucket List

25 places to visit before 25

25 places to visit before 25…or not. Honestly I don’t think you have to do before a certain age, or just be a certain age to do things, age is just a number after.
Although I think it could be a fun and light post to write about 25 places to visit before 25 because it actually is my 24th birthday today ! And obviously, money wise it could be a little tricky even with good budgeting ahah.
Here is my list of 25 Places to visit before 25, some I already visited (check my travel list !) and some I really want to visit hopefully in the next year !

This list has no particular order of preference ! So….25 places to visit before 25 ->

#1 Iceland, Hof 

Frankly I’d like to wander around the whole country but Hof Glacier Beach quite catch my eyes and attention !

#2 Japan, Tokyo

25 Places to Visit Before 25

I’ve been to Japan 3 times already, and absolutely loved all my 3 trips ! Tokyo is definitely a place I recommend to check out !

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#3 Croatia, The Dalmatian Islands 

Croatia is one of those budget destination and those islands looks on point. (I have a thing for islands as of lately)

#4 Spain, Madrid 

Madrid was actually on my 2017 Bucket List, but was replaced by a trip to Algarve in Portugal which I do not regret at all! Although I still feel like I need to experience Spain and cross Madrid off my bucket list.

#5 France, Gorges Du Verdon 

Home Sweet Home, The Gorges Of Verdon as considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe !

#6 UK, Bath

25 Places To Visit Before 25

#7 Korea, Seoul

This might sounds weird to a lot of people, but I’ve been to Tokyo and I just feel like to continue this I should visit Tokyo’s Korean equivalent so to say. Okay this definitely sounds weird. Nevermind.

#8 France, Alsace

If you are looking for one of the cutest town in France, then Alsace and most especially Colmar is a must on your bucket list ! Only been there as a child but I’m dying to go back !

#9 Ireland, Dublin

Everytime I see Mew blog about her country it just gives me the urge to go! Ahah

#10 Peru, Cuzco 

Me and my bestfriend always talk about going to Peru to see the Alpaca and the Machu Picchu !

#11 France, Mt-St Michel

25 Places to Visit Before 25

Mt St-Michel was on my 2017 bucket list and I tickled this off ! A big yay, because we went there off season and it was a really great day trip.

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#12 Lapland

Pretty much the same as Peru it’s also one of the many destinations I’d like to visit with my bestfriend.

#13 USA, New York City

Okay so for this one, obviously there’s a lot of places I would to visit in the USA but as I read in a fellow blogger post (which I can’t find back to link oops) I feel withdraw to NYC probably due to watching so many movies and tv show taking place there. And my little brother really, reaaally wants to go there.

#14 Cambodia, Siem Reap 

Asia has so many great countries but the temples around Siem Reap looks truly astonishing.

#15 UK, Harry Potter Studio

So this is technically not a “place” so to speak but I’ve been to London numerous times now and I still haven’t visited the Harry Potter Studio, which is a shame beacause I LOVE Harry Potter !

#16 Netherlands, Amsterdam

25 Places To Visit Before 25

Amsterdam is probably one of the loveliest cities, between the numerous cafe, the cute houses, the canals and the perfect day trip to enjoy the country. Amsterdam is a gem (Although those people biking are scary sometimes.)

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#17 Japan, Osaka

I actually been to Osaka back in 2012 but for only a day ! At the time me and my friend were following a band around so we went to Osaka, got lost and only saw the venue ahah… I’d love to go back and visit it properly!

#18 Canada, Banff 

I’ve been seeing a lot of photographs of Banff on Instagram over the past month and it looks absolutely stunning, serious wanderlust here !

#19 UK, Edinburgh

I’ve actually been to Edinburgh on a school trip 10 years ago, but I don’t really feel that back then I really grasp or enjoy how nice this city was. But school trip are still great experience.

#20 Italy, Rimini

There’s so many places I’d like to visit in Italy actually, but I my mum is always telling me about she was spending her summers in Rimini so part of me feels really curious about what this place is like !

#21Greek Islands

25 Places To Visit Before 25

Those islands are little gems, I’d love to take a trip and visit them all. So far I’ve been to Corfu and Santorini both trips were delightful.

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#22 Malta, Valetta

Malta was also on my Bucket List 2017. My great grand parents were actually from Malta and my grand parents always told me it is a beautiful island, and it does look beautiful on pictures! I have to check this out myself.

#23 South Africa, Cape Town

Cape Town has only been on my radar since recently but this city looks like it has so much to offer!

#24 Czech Republic, Prague

Prague has been a hot destination this year, I feel like the hype around Prague is deserved when I read all those posts about Prague.

#25 Switzerland, Leman

Switzerland has so many beautiful landscapes, but I had to choose I’d like to see the Lake Leman first.


This conclude my 25 places to visit before 25 ! Travelling is something incredible and while compared to some I haven’t travelled much, I also feel very grateful to have been able to do all those trips. (My bank account probably doesn’t feel the same way most of the time though, but oh well)
Do you have some places you’d like to visit before a certain time – or not ?



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  1. willsavefortravel
    14/10/2017 / 22:43

    Great list!! Happy birthday 😁

    • Lyne
      14/10/2017 / 22:50

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Amy
    15/10/2017 / 17:24

    I have many of these on my list too. So many places to see, eh! x

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