20 Useful Phrases When You Visit France



So, you’re planing a trip to France ?

But you do not speak French ?

Here are 20 useful phrases and words you might want to know/need through your trip to make it a little easier !

First of all let’s start with the basic ➻

  • Bonjour | Bonsoir – Hello/Good Morning | Good Bye
  • Au revoir – Good Bye
  • S’il vous plait – Please
  • Pardon ~ Excusez moi – Excuse me
  • Merci (beaucoup) – Thank you (so much)
  • De rien – You’re Welcome
  • Oui / Non – Yes / No

Now that you have a bit of basic vocabularies that could  be useful during your trip in France let’s move onto phrases ➻

  • Parlez-vous anglais ? – Do you speak English ?
  • Je ne comprends pas – I don’t understand
  • Je ne parle pas français – I don’t speak French
  • Excusez moi, pouvez vous m’aider ? – Excuse me, can you help me.
  • Où est  la gare ? – Where is the train station?
  • Où est la rue x ? – Where is x street ?
  • Où est x ? – Where is -any monuments or place you’d like to go to-
  • Comment je fais pour aller à x ? – How do I do to go to x ?
  • A quelle heure le bus/train part-il ? – When does the bus/train leaves ?
  • Un/deux… tickets s’il vous plait – One/two tickets please
  • L’addition s’il vous plait – The bill please.
  • C’est combien ? – How much is it ?
  • Quelle heure est-il s’il vous plait ? – What time is it please ?


With this you have some basic phrases you can use day to day anywhere during your trip to France ! Hope this can help.

If you’d like to know anything else, leave me a comment below and I’d gladly help you out.


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10 thoughts on “20 Useful Phrases When You Visit France

  1. I recently got back from Corsica (a French Island off the coast of Italy) no-one spoke very good English so it was a bit of a struggle! Really wish I’d had some of these phases at hand haha


  2. Very handy! I ordered lunch in a Patisserie once in French and the girl behind the counter got so excited I spoke French, as it was obvious I was a foreigner. She started to talk to me and I was totally lost lol. Encore fois, s’il vous plait (One more time, please!).


    1. Oh yeah right that’s something I tend to forgot a lot and find myself pretty silly when I say “weefee” instead of “whyfie” when abroad 😅


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